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Don't be afraid to be your fabulous, amazing, modern, creative, quirky or unique you with theCityMoms.

We are exactly the same way, expect it of members, and the very reason we're here. 

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    Mom of the Month: Sarah




    Two and a half years ago, Sarah Carter took a leap of faith, and it turned out to be the best decision she ever made. Back then, a mother of one and a full-time speech pathologist, Sarah was feeling the strains of balancing a full-time career and full-time motherhood, so she decided to make a change and become her own boss. 

    Fast forward to the present day, and Sarah is now the mother of two lively boys, soon to be five year old Carson and soon to be one year old Barrett. (Fun fact: her sons share a birthday!) She is also a successful consultant with Rodan and Fields, which allows her the flexibility to work from home and enjoy these precious years with her family. Sarah really loves being a mother, but she shared, “I need something aside from just being a Mom.” Full time work, however, didn’t seem like the best option for her family. Despite her husband Daren’s concerns and despite her own hesitation about “drinking the direct sales kool aid”, Sarah committed to a career with Rodan and Fields and hasn’t looked back since. She finds that the company is incredibly supportive of mothers looking to add additional family income and is a true believer in the products. And P.S. her skin looks amazing! 


    Sarah also became involved with theCityMoms about two and a half years ago. She was looking for an inclusive moms group after encountering some rather exclusive ones in the area. With two young and lively boys, Sarah appreciates the fact that theCityMoms helps her stay active and involved with her children. She also participates in the Mompreneur group and enjoys networking with other entrepreneurs and professional women. 

    Direct sales can be a tough business in which to succeed, but Sarah says consistency, follow-up, and discipline have been the keys to her success. Dedicating and truly working about 5-6 hours a week has allowed her to replace her full time salary. She cautions, however, that direct sales is not a get rich quick scheme but rather a five year plan that requires not only dedication but also thick skin. Sarah acknowledges that a stigma exists surrounding direct sales, but she says you just can’t worry about what other people think. Sarah is confident because she knows she is doing what’s right for her family. 


    When she has a rare moment of down time, Sarah enjoys pursuing her passion of photography. She also still does consulting work as a Speech Pathologist. The family enjoys staying active and outdoors and loves going to the zoo and The Children’s Museum. Sarah looks forward to staying involved with theCityMoms and would love to see a big carnival or black tie event in the future.


    And now, for the important stuff:

    What five items would you bring to a desert island?

    1. Sunscreen (clearly, she’s a skincare enthusiast!)

    2. Phone

    3. Kids and husband

    4. Dixie, our Border Collie; we also have a chihuahua, who might have to stay at home ;)

    5. Camera

    What are you reading right now?

    Twenty Days to the Top by Brian Sullivan

    What is the weirdest thing in your purse?

    Speech therapy materials, Epipen, a checkbook, a charging purse from R+F...I’m actually surprised because there is usually something a lot more random

    What is your best recent mom memory?

    My older son has some behavioral challenges, but recently he just had a breakthrough day. He doesn’t like to get his head wet, but he took a shower and went underwater for his swim lesson, and he even pooped on the potty, which was a huge fear of his. It just made me want to cry!

    What is your guilty pleasure?

    Diet coke with splenda and wine, definitely wine.


    Sarah juggles her own business and raising two boys with grace and style, and she is super friendly to boot. If you haven’t met her yet, you should! And if you are interested in learning more about her business, feel free to connect with her on Facebook.


    Stay tuned to see who Sarah nominated as the next Mom of the Month!



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    To Tell Our Stories



    I was summoned for jury duty recently.


    The third time in seventeen months.  I didn’t realize until I showed up that after serving, you are exempt from serving again for twenty-four months, and I could have contested the summons. But really, I was looking forward to sitting in a large room waiting patiently for my number to be called and reading a book.


    There is no part of my life that involves sitting in one place for a long period of time reading a book. So, truthfully, I got really excited for jury duty.


    Please don’t tell anyone I said that.


    I don’t actually want to serve on a trial though, because that takes way too much time.


    So I was released around noon and got to spend the afternoon walking around downtown, did a little shopping, went to renew my expired-for-three-months driver’s license, and did a little thrifting.


    My favorite thrift shop is top secret and in a bad neighborhood. It’s full of gems and I walk away every.single.time with something I love. I will never share this place with anyone, it’s that good.


    Don’t ask, I won’t tell you.


    While I was there, I was working on adding to my obsessive book collection, and I came across a fabric-bound notebook that looked like a recipe book. When I started thumbing through it, I realized it was someone’s journal. Specifically, a seventy-eight-year-old woman’s journal.


    It immediately made me feel guilty for reading it. The very first page was filled with her thoughts on why she needed to get her story down on paper and why she had to do it now, before she started to forget all the best parts.


    This made my heart hurt.


    Who was this woman? What were her stories? And how did this book end up at a thrift store?


    I would like to tell you I bought her journal.I have been known to buy a stranger’s wedding album if I think it might be thrown away. I did not buy her journal. But I’ve thought about it every day since passing it up and I wish I had.


    This beautiful old woman wanted someone to know her. She needed someone to remember her stories. She could feel her time near its end and she felt such a pull to make sure someone else remembered her and her life.


    I know that feeling. It is sometimes overwhelming. The feeling to be known, to not be forgotten, to not feel like it was all for nothing.


    We all need to share our stories; with our kids, with our spouses, with our friends. I want people to be invested in my life and I want to be invested in their lives. And that starts with sharing our stories.


    I wish I would have bought that journal.

    Originally published on Trusty Chucks in February 2013.

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    Crock Pot Creamy Pierogi



    Crock Pot Creamy Pierogi

    Recipe from via Pinterest


    Okay, there are a few things you need to know about my cooking style:

    1. If it has more than five ingredients, I can’t be bothered.
    2. Low maintenance cooking is my default setting.
    3. I want my family to eat well, but on a budget.
    4. I love eating, but cooking is one of my least favorite “jobs” as a Mom.
    5. The Crock Pot is my favorite kitchen tool.

    Creating our weekly meal plan is a task that I dread but find unavoidable as we are on a budget and busy as two full-time working parents. I don’t love cooking, and I can’t imagine that I ever will; however, I do want to provide my children with nutritious and tasty meals, and I can’t afford to eat out very often. So, every Sunday morning with my cup of coffee in hand I rack my brain and scroll through Pinterest to map out the meals for the week. Lately I have made it a priority to use my Crock Pot for at least three of the six meals I plan. For some reason, getting dinner ready in the morning and forgetting about it all day mitigates the dread that usually sets in at four o’clock when I realize that I still have to cook after working a full day.

    This recipe appealed to me because it had a short list of ingredients and required virtually no other steps than “throw everything in the Crock Pot”. My perfect meal.




    3 boxes of mini frozen Pierogis

    4 cups chicken broth (I used stock because I already had some in the fridge)

    1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

    8 oz block of cream cheese

    1 package of Kielbasa, sliced



    Throw everything in the Crock Pot (I wasn’t kidding). Cook on high for 3-4 hours or low 6-8 hours. Stir about halfway through cook time.


    Creamy, comforting, carby, and delicious! This dish was a hit with the whole family, and there was plenty for leftovers for Mom’s weekday lunches. It took less than five minutes to prep, which combined with its deliciousness is plenty of reason for me to add this to our regular meal rotation.




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  Two and a half years ago, Sarah Carter took a leap of faith, and it turned out to be the best decision she ever made. Back then, a mother of one and a full-time speech pathologist, Sarah was feeling the strains of balancing a full-time career and full-time motherhood,...