#WCW: Julia Moffitt


Meet Julia Moffitt, this week’s #WomanCrushWednesday! TheCityMoms of Greater Indianapolis will be sharing stories from some of the fabulous moms in our community on a weekly basis, and Julia is honored to be our first #WCW.

Julia co-anchors the WTHR Sunrise morning show from 4-9 a.m. She is a wife and mother to two kids. She chatted with us recently about what it’s like for her being a mom.



On her family …

My husband and I have a 15-year-old daughter named Rylann, and an 11-year-old son named Cole. True story, we named him Aiden. Cole was his middle name.  When he was in second grade he came home and told me he wanted us to start calling him Cole.  I was busy making dinner, and I guess not paying much attention, and agreed.  But then I thought so little about it, I didn’t even tell his dad about the “funny story”.  A week later Cole came home from school and announced he had told all his friends about his “name change” and his teacher, but his teacher needed me to send her a note!  We’ve called him Cole ever since!

Thoughts before becoming a mom …

When I thought about becoming a mother, I admittedly only thought “good thoughts”!  This would be a piece of cake, raising a baby, playing with, feeding cuddling with a baby.  To this day, all of that is true, but the reality of how tough it can be to be a mom is always present.

How things have changed …

Well, everything about your life changes, but my main priority in life is to keep them safe.  Everything else is secondary to this feeling you get when you become a momma bear.

On balancing family and work…

As tough as it is to wake up at 2AM, it has allowed me to be there for our children when they get home from school.  My husband does the morning routine.  I sleep in shifts.  Some at night, and some when I get home from work.  I have to be very organized with my time.  Everything has to be planned out in advance, or it just won’t get done.  I make sure I plan my workout so that I am done with it before they get home from school, or I do it when they are all settled in to doing homework.  I do my grocery shopping, haircuts, etc. while they are in school. But on the positive side, we all usually get to sit down to dinner together, or at least be together as a family at the end of the night.

Support systems …

I am not a member of any mom group, but when our kids were younger, in our last neighborhood, I was surrounded by several mothers with older children, and they were an amazing support system to me.

Her advice to other moms …

The one piece of advice I would give all moms, no matter how old your kids are, is that you can’t do it all, and you should be okay with that.  I have to say that to myself more than once a week.  And you know what, we’ve all been okay, and my mental health is better for it!

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