#WCW: Angela Ganote

wcw.pngShe grew up in an Indiana town … Fox59’s Angela Ganote grew up in Brownsburg before heading to Bloomington for college. The IU graduate has worked at WLFI in Lafayette, WSBT in South Bend, and WCMH in Columbus, Ohio. This busy mom is our #WCW because she’s got a great attitude about work and family life – especially working those early morning hours on Fox59’s Morning News beginning at 4 a.m!


On her family …

My husband Bradd and I have two children. Ashlyn just turned 13 this week. Brock turns 10 on December 15th. They are active in football, baseball, track, travel softball and volleyball, student council, choir and church.

Thoughts before becoming a mom …

I didn’t really think about it that much. I always wanted a family, but I didn’t get married until I was almost 32. I was worried about finding someone to spend my life with. My mom would joke that I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my Prince Charming. That’s the truth.

How things have changed …

Becoming a mother has taken every ounce of self-centeredness from me and replaced it with a strong desire to fill my kids and husband with as much love and energy as I can find. I get so much joy from doing for them. I help coach my daughter’s travel softball team and help out with their classrooms and do everything in my power to never miss one single event of theirs. I think it is very important for them to know how much they are loved and respected.

On balancing family and work…

BY NOT SLEEPING! It’s so true. I miss getting them ready for school in the morning, but I am finished with being at work usually by 12:30 p.m.  I am working all the time really by answering viewer questions, working on stories, working my contacts. I might not physically be in the building at FOX, but always working. Having said that, I can also meet my kids for lunch, I pick them up from school, take them to their activities, help with homework, and eat dinner together. I get 6 hours of sleep which is not bad, but I would love to get 8 someday.

Support systems …

I have never been part of a moms group, but would love that. I think it has to do with my hours. I always found many mom’s groups meet while I am at work. I have been in a small group through church. I do think it is important in life to be connected with people. We are all going through so much, and it is so important to have people you can trust to help support you and your family. I am a very strong person and rely on my close family including my parents for support. My husband is fantastic. We are a really great team. We don’t keep score. We both are hard workers and if something needs done whether it’s grocery shopping, laundry or homework – we just make it happen. We don’t fight over small things that don’t matter in the bigger picture. My parents really help with our children too!  We are thankful for that.

Looking forward to the holiday season …

I love that my kids still get really excited about the little things. They love to put up the tree and to get out all the decorations. I LOVE seeing their joy. Every year we get a hotel room on the circle and attend the lighting of the tree downtown. We go down early and shop, go out to eat, get candy and hot chocolate. We watch a little football, and then the hotel always has a party with activities. We have done this for at least 6 years. We love being together.  We often ask the kids if they want to bring a friend or want to do something different and they say – we just want us to be together! I hear that will change in the next year or two as they get older, but right now our kids still really like us and we have so much fun.

Her advice to other moms …

My only advice really is to WORK at never comparing yourself to anyone else.  Do your best with your family and your children. Listen to your gut -  you know what’s right and wrong   -what’s good and what’s not for them. You are their mother.  Don’t be afraid to say you messed up and you are sorry. I tell my kids all the time, “Kids, I am learning how to do this as I go – man I hope I don’t mess you guys up.” I ask them questions all the time, and we have a rule they have to answer 2 questions every day after school and talk about their day. Stay connected with them. They have so many pressures in today’s society. I hear all the time, “Don’t be a friend to your kids.”  I get what most mean by that, but I also disagree. I have never just told my friends what they want to hear. I am honest.  To me being a friend means, loving unconditionally, being a person of honor and being someone they can trust. I am a friend to my children in that way. 





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