Valentine's Craft and FREE Printables

I don’t know about you, but I’m a procrastinator.  I swear I can't do anything too far ahead of time and I'm honestly not sure why because I know it saves me time in the end, sometimes it saves me money, and it obviously saves my sanity… but making sure things are done ahead of time just doesn’t seem to work for me these days.  

So I’m here to save those of you who are procrastinators too!  


Today, 2 days before valentine’s day, I’m crafting and rounding up the cutest and easiest valentine printables in case you need ideas or still need to do them!  


First - DIY Prop Bow & Arrow

What you’ll need -- felt : sticks : hot glue : scissors : rope


Easiest craft to do… Cut out some hearts or triangles and rectangles,

Hot glue them accordingly to the stick

Cut the rectangles to create fringe


Voila!  Arrows!  

And for the bow, just pick a stick and tie the rope to each end.

Voila Bow!  




Next we stamped up some cute little goodie bags!  Super easy, kid friendly, and quick!

What you’ll need -- small bags : letter stamps : ink : extra decorations (washi tape, jewels, stickers, etc)


This one I will admit, I had everything for, but if you need these little stamps, I found them in the dollar aisles at Target, but can be found at Michaels & Hobby Lobby as well.


Pick your favorite “lovey” sayings and have at it!  Decorate them as you like and to your hearts content.  

Then add some candy and you are set for small gifts for grandma & grandpa or your favorite friends!


Now it’s time for the round up of amazingly cute and super easy printable valentines you could finish up this weekend!

 You’re a Cutie


You’re a Starburst Valentine

Love is in the Air (Balloon Valentine)

May the Force Be With You Valentines


Lets Stick Together Valentines

Glow Stick Valentines

 You Are a-MAZE-ing Valentines

You Are AwesomeSauce (Applesauce Valentine)




Happy Soon-To-Be Valentine’s Day!


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