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5 Must-Have Items For Baby
The plethora of baby gadgets has grown tremendously since I had Alexa. Now that I'm 20 weeks pregnant - and with a BOY! - the search for what we need is on. And with so many new "must-haves" on the market, I turned to my momma tribe theCityMoms and asked: 
What are your must haves for baby? 

Here were their recommendations: 
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1. ERGO BABY SWADDLER. With Alexa we used the {I'll just say it:semi-complicated} Miracle Baby Blanket but the hands-down favorite among CityMoms was this option from Ergo. Looks like there are pockets for arms, a wrap between baby's legs for proper separation {making it comfortable and safer for my little guy's hips}, and a pocket to cover up the legs. I'm definitely adding this to my registry: Nothing is better than a baby who will sleep!

2. BOON PULP SILICONE FEEDER. Even though solids will be months away, our CityMoms said this was a must-get. I'm hearing it's super easy to use and easy to clean so that's a win-win for me. It dispenses food through the little holes in the silicone so we can use it to feed him OR soothe gums during teething. 

3. BLOOMING BABY BATHER. I remember those baths in the first few weeks after having Alexa. It's so hard as a new mom to hear your baby cry, especially when you know you're doing something good for them like just trying to get them clean. I looked into this after hearing it was worth looking at. The website claims it's made from 'incredibly soft, plush materials' and looks like it would be a soft and cozy spot for the little man... Kind of also wishing they made these in adult size.   

4. ERGO BABY 4 POSITIONS 360. Back to ERGO: I have the regular Ergo Baby carrier and a couple of wraps so maybe I'm pre-disposed to love this brand. They became a regular part of our 'system' when Alexa became colicky and wouldn't let me put her down. This carrier offers four different options including a front outward-facing option. It also seems like this carrier gives our moms the ability to not only safely and comfortably forward-face baby once big enough but also turn inward if they become over-stimulated or need to be held closer. Big plus and sweet for moms who like structured carriers but want more options. On the registry it goes.   

5. NOSEFREIDA SNOTSUCKER. All right. This sounded awful. But the moms using it were adamant on this being a must-have. And while it isn't new to many, it was new to me and sounds like a lifesaver for babies as congested as Alexa was. An alternative to the horrible green hospital-like bulbs, this requires mom to extract mucus from baby's nose by sucking on an end of tubing. I'm promised it isn't as gross as it sounds and highly - and quickly! - effective. Remembering the late nights when Alexa would wake stuffed up and barely able to breathe from her nose, I add this to the registry as well.  

So tell me: What do you think? Are these products part of YOUR nursery must-haves? If not, then tell me in the comments what is!
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