thePLAYgroups are Available to all active members of theCityMoms.
Unique small group interactive play and large group opportunities to socialize and have fun.

Geo-based groups to nurture and grow your connections and cut down on travel time.Concerts.PNG

"We saw how large our group had become and did not want to lose the small group feel we had in the beginning.", said Michelle Weber- theCityMoms Tech Director. "thePLAYgroups were born out of the idea that small communities can grow from within a larger one and that genuine and lasting friendships will blossom within neighborhoods that can then branch into our 'mom community' as a whole."

thePLAYgroups are a ever-evolving avenue for moms, and their kids, to connect with each other at in-home, park or community play dates.

For the safety of our event hosts, and all of our members, we limit in-home groups to only those members who are active, in good standing, have attended a public event in the past 90 days & have paid their annual dues. Community based, or public events, are available to new members so they can get to know others before they begin attending smaller in-home events.

For more info about thePLAYgroups please fill out the contact form below and our program coordinator will be in touch!

What can we tell you about thePLAYgroups?