A support network for moms who run a business in the Indianapolis area.

In continued support of the mothers in Indianapolis and local businesses, theCityMoms – the city’s largest moms organization – announces the addition of a new initiative, theCityMomPrenuers.  theCityMomPrenuers will gather monthly for coffee, luncheons and happy hours for a variety of networking & support opportunities.camp_fair.jpeg

“We hope that by extending our support community to mothers in business, we will provide resources for them to successfully network through discussion, collaboration, education, and offer moms additional avenues to grow and maintain their business while balancing motherhood and family.” said theCityMoms membership director Marcie Muenstermen.  “Our members have experience in many areas, offering ideas, opportunities, tips and tricks about creating harmony while growing a thriving business in Indianapolis.  Our goal is to be of service to women hoping to open their own business, take on a social selling opportunity or continue to grow a well-established trade by sharing information and build strong relationships within theCityMoms community.”

TheCityMomprenuers events are open to members of TheCityMoms in good standing, who have attended at least one event every 90 days and paid their dues for the current year. 

Monthly recurring events take place during the day at SoHo Cafe in Carmel at lunch, in the evenings at Books & Brews & more events are being developed on the south and west sides.

theMOMpreneurs is NOT your average networking group! Our members lift each other up, share the ups and downs of motherhood vs. business & genuinely connect with other women who just get it. The group also provides the avenue to make connections with our member base through organic growth opportunities which, in turn, helps theMOMpreneurs build a strong and wide referral network of women.


For more information complete the form below and our program coordinator will be in touch!

What can we tell you about theMOMpreneurs?