A network for expecting moms. In a continued nod towards moms, theCityMoms- the city's largest moms organization- announces the addition of theBUMPclub. This club will gather expecting moms on a monthly basis for a variety of social and educational meetups.


"We have long hoped to extend the support community theCityMoms already has in place for current moms by offering something to expecting mothers as well" -Jeanine theCityMoms Chief Mom & Co-Founder


Our members have experienced everything that modern motherhood throws at them, and all of us remember what it was like in those months counting down to the birth of a child. Now we can shower expecting moms with the love and help they need through theBUMPclub.


theBUMPclub is FREE and open to expecting moms who are having their first, fifth or adopting. Events will focus on building meaning social relationships with other moms while providing educational opportunities from local lactation specialists, doulas & birth teams, cloth diapering how-tos, mom panels, pampering services and so much more!

Soon we will launch theBUMPclub interactive events calendar, so stay tuned to this page....

For more info just fill out the request on this page and one of our organizers will get in touch. We look forward to meeting you!


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