The Basics

Please read the guidelines thoroughly, and contact the Organizer team with questions or comments.


1. Membership dues must be current to maintain access to our member site, online forum & events calendar. 

2. We require that all member profiles be filled out completely and include a photo of the mother as the main photo . 

3. All members must submit their contact information (full name, phone number and email address) before joining

4. Our group is private, and only our members can access our boards and group information. For the safety of our group and its members, we ask for profile photos/full profile information to ensure that everyone knows the identity of other group members.

5. All members must be active. No-shows are a no-no. 

6. MOST IMPORTANT - All members must treat others with respect.

Active Member Status
'Active' members are classified as CityMoms who have paid their annual dues AND participated in a public event within the last 90 days. Our goal for all CityMoms is regular activity so that you can gain the most positive experience from the group.

Our Active members receive wonderful benefits such as:


  • Access to various premiere events, as indicated in the Event Housekeeping Notes by a bullet that reads "In order to attend this event, you MUST be an active member of theCityMoms. "
  • Approval to join our theCityMoms private Facebook page - where moms stay connected with each other in the days between physical meet ups
  • The ability to join our Mompreneurs 'moms in business' support group
  • A huge host of theCityMoms members-only perks and discounts at businesses and organizations around the Indianapolis area
  • Opportunity to promote one perk to our membership FOR FREE

Please note that theCityMoms reserves the right to remove your membership from the group if your activity lapses beyond 6 months. All members will be contacted 1 time prior to this removal.

General Etiquette

•Please be respectful of others. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

•You have the right to express any opinion, question or concern, but please do it in a respectful manner that is not offensive or confrontational.

•Please refrain from speaking negatively about members of the group. No gossip, no rumors. If you have a problem with another member, please keep it off the message boards and refrain from comments at events with other members.

•If you have any concerns about the group, events, policies or members, please direct your comments to any of the organizers via email. All feedback is taken seriously and confidentially.

Changes in Member Status

•Current members who move may remain in the group if they adhere to the member policies (i.e. if you move away from the Indianapolis area but plan to return occasionally to visit friends, you may remain a member of theCityMoms as long as we see you once every 3 months!). Please let an organizer know if you have moved. 

Event Costs

Upfront Event Fees - From time to time we will plan events with upfront fees associated such as fixed-price dinners, classes, etc. Please do not reply yes unless you are 100% committed to going and will adhere to the payment instructions for the event. Anyone who is a yes is responsible for her share of the event cost. Failure to pay for an event is grounds for membership review by the organizers.

Informal Group Bills - Many of our Moms' Night Out events will be a la carte the night of the event. In this case, each person is responsible for her own share. To be fair to those who do not drink or order less than others, it is assumed that people will be responsible for their portion of the meal or drinks unless the group decides otherwise prior to ordering. Remember to keep track of what you've ordered and add tax and gratuity to your share.

Event Courtesy Policy

Safety - We ask that you please meet an Organizer or Event Planner at a PUBLIC event BEFORE attending a private in-home event, or before hosting an event yourself personally (again, for comfort and safety of other group members). 

Alcohol- Members over the age of 21 may choose to drink alcohol at their own discretion. If a member chooses to drink they will take all responsibility for their actions after imbibing. Hosts may serve alcohol at private functions but must adhere to all State & Federal laws regarding alcohol consumption. Failure to comply with any of these guidelines may result in membership review and possible removal.

Illness - If your child has been sick, please email your host as well as post it in your reply so others are aware. Following the same guidelines used in many daycares, we ask that you do not attend an event if your child has had a fever of 100 or higher within 48 hours of the event. If they just have a runny nose or a non-contagious illness and your child tends to put toys in his/her mouth please watch with extra care as to not spread any of their germs.

If your child has cold symptoms (runny nose, light cough) and you are not sure whether it's okay to attend a play date, please contact the event host directly for her opinion. If you are hosting, and your child has a cold, please post an advisory on the message board and/or ask one of the organizers to email those who RSVP'd yes explaining the situation.

Food - Please do not feel obligated to provide food for an event whether you are hosting or attending. If you choose to provide food, please try and keep it simple and kid-friendly (if appropriate).

Refrain from serving any form of peanut products or nuts at any play dates since these foods are airborne and can affect someone even if they do not ingest them.

Please refrain from giving food to another child unless given permission to do so by their parent. Many parents opt to hold off on giving specific foods to their children and/or need to monitor what their child eats.

Clean-up - Please clean up after yourself and/or the children while you are a guest in another member's home. This will make it easier on her, and she'll be more willing to host another fun play date for us in the future.

Discipline of Children and the Response of Their Mothers - We all know that kids can have a bad day, but it is the responsibility of the mothers to supervise and to discipline their own children. We want to prevent any behavior that is threatening to other children (hitting, kicking, biting, etc.) or that could damage/destroy the host's property. If this type of behavior occurs, the child's mother is to intervene and either redirect or discipline her child as she sees fit.

If a mother fails to address her child's aggression towards another child at a play date, the mother should not be surprised if another mother steps in to cool down the situation. After all, the children's safety is all of our responsibility.

If a mother continues to neglect addressing bad behavior, it is up to the group members to let the organizers know, so that they can talk to her about the situation. If the poor behavior continues, she will be asked to stop attending play dates until her child's disruptive or destructive behavior has stopped. We want to foster the best environment for our children and make members feel comfortable enough to host events in their homes without being afraid of bad behavior.


•If sponsored by theCityMoms, it will be posted as an event on the calendar.

•If not sponsored by theCityMoms, but a member, then it can be posted as a note on the calendar or message on  the weekly MOMpreneurs* thread.

*this thread is houses all solicitations, sales & fundraising posts so that they do not get lost among the daily chat & support.

Marketplace Policies

•theCityMoms provides the Mom Marketplace Forum as a service to its members. We do not oversee the exchanges, nor take any responsibility for disputes that may arise through use of this service. We recommend that you make sure all items are in acceptable working order before finalizing your purchase/exchange. 

•There is no reselling of items which were gotten for free from the marketplace postings.

•Out of concerns of legality and safety, medications and drugs may not be sold or given away for free on the marketplace. 

•Posts older than 6 months will be deleted.

•If item(s) have a known defect, we ask sellers to please note it in the posting.

•Please edit and add DELETE to your title if the item(s) is no longer available.

•If offering multiple items please just have one thread.

Mass Email Policy

Mass emails are to be only sent out to all members by theCityMoms Organizers under particular conditions. Event hosts may email attendees who have RSVPed to their meetups, but may not mass email.
An email about a meetup may be sent to all members by an Organizer at the request of an event host or the Organizer Team under the following circumstances:

◦If the event is a speaker or family event which is sponsored by theCity Moms and has a minimum attendee requirement.

◦If the event was posted more than 2 weeks prior to its occurence.

◦If the Absentee policy is in effect.

When Organizers send out a reminder, they will put the meetup title, date and time in subject line and a link to the posting in the body of the email.


Many of our members have their own businesses, but the main purpose of this group is social, NOT business oriented. Misusing the message boards, email functions of the site, play dates and/or our contact list to push your business is inappropriate and is grounds for membership review by the organizers.

We support our members' entrepreneurial endeavors, and it is permissible to post information about your business and/or set up an event with the following in mind:

◦Members MUST be an ACTIVE of theCityMoms group for 3 months or more before soliciting within the group. 'Active' is defined by: 1. Current activity status of having attended 1 event within the prior 90 days, 2. Dues must be paid for the current year. With this activity on record, members are then welcome to solicit using the following guidelines: 

◦Message Board option:
If you would like to promote your business (announce an event open to the public, seek customers, direct to a site, etc) it can ONLY be advertised on  the most-recent "theMOMpreneurs" thread. Posts outside of this thread will be deleted.

◦Calendar Posting option:
If you are representing a business that is hosting an event specifically for theCityMoms Meetup members, an organizer will post the event to our calendar as a Meetup, with you as host, regardless of its costs to members. If you are hosting such an event, it needs to be clear in the posting that you will be promoting that business. Each CityMom is authorized to post one sales-based event per quarter/90 days. 

◦ Social Media Outlets: theCityMoms public Facebook page, private Facebook members-only page, Twitter and Pinterest accounts are not a proper forum for your continued business promotion unless it has been cleared with an organizer OR falls under the weekly Mompreneur threads. If a post deemed inappropriate by the Organizational Team appears on any of these forums, it will be reviewed and possibly deleted. These pages are to be used to build relationships with other moms + find support in motherhood, NOT as a Marketplace setting. Thank you in advance for your understanding on this policy matter. 

◦If the business you are representing falls under a "Direct-Sales" company description (e.g. multi level marketing, network marketing, recruitment, etc.), promotion of that business at a Meetup -- whether hosting the event or not -- should be limited to one event per 90 days and clearly stated in the relevant calendar posting. Businesses that fall under a "Classes" description (e.g. instructing fitness exercises, sewing, gardening, etc), are excluded from this limitation. If theCityMoms Organizer Team learns of continued unsolicited sales conversations at what are our social meetups, it will be addressed immediately with that member. Continual warnings will be grounds for membership review and possible removal. 

Water Safety Policy

Out of a concern for our childrens' safety, Standing Water/Pool Meetups (including community pool areas, community water areas, anything regarding large plastic and/or "kiddie" pools, large water features and/or lake meetups, etc.) MUST have a certified lifeguard present onsite or they cannot be posted as a meetup on theCityMoms calendar. We understand how much fun these types of meetups can be, but apologize that a) we cannot post swimming or water play meetups where there is standing water when b) a lifeguard is not present because of our insurance requirements AND our desire to provide a safe environment for all members and their families. Please note: This restriction does not apply to water sprinklers OR spray parks/splash pads. 


Event hostesses are requested to take photography of our members and their families during public events. Photos could potentially be used on our Meetup, public Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest pages and/or in various group marketing efforts. If you do not wish your family or yourself to be photographed, please inform the event hostess.

Any photographs saved to our Member site may be used for the purposes mentioned above.

**Additional guidelines may be added at any time.**