theCityMoms Are Talking About It...October 23rd, 2014

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Topics being thrown around by our moms this week....
.....Sexism at home exists and we are fed up with it...
    .....theBUMPclub is really a thing...
      .....the Target Holiday Toy Catalog was leaked, seriously!...

             .....Nick Sparks is cruel and evil...
                   ......Spiders a just a NO.....that and clowns...just NO!...
                          ....Kim K. vs. Ebola and KK is the winner...
                               ...Peewinkle's Slightly Haunted Puppet Studio...        
We asked our moms to vent and common theme emerged:
What we do is not as important, or hard, as our significant other's endeavors.
What? Many women, in our group, have been put-down or offended by a close family members for being a stay-at-home mom or primary caregiver to their children. Really! This is happening in our homes and families, and we are not happy about it. We know that bringing up the next generation is probably THE most important job in the universe and it is HARD WORK that results in extraordinary rewards. Rewards are not equal to money, oh well.
To lift our spirits we found a controversial video about feminism that made us laugh and think. Check it out:


Our BUMPclubbers hosted a walk on the monon to enjoy this beautiful Fall weather we are having.

Yes, these moms-to-be and new moms look FAB-U-lous!!!Guess that is one of those perks theCityMoms members get, right???

We wish, but happy for these beaming mamas.

The 2014 Target Toy Catalog was leaked this week.....uh huh...


There are toys in it!!!!
AND a page telling us that the Cartwheel App will have a daily 50% off toy coupon.
Welcome! Download it!


We went to see the Best of Me at the theatre this week. 

We cried. The End.

Overheard our members saying:
Mom 1: "I don't have any weeds."
Mom 2: "You should get some!" response to a shirtless Luke Bracey pulling weeds in the humid south. Yes, go get some weeds and a Luke Bracey!!!!

"That Mr. Sparks is evil and devious"- from a mom with mascara smeared all over her face from copious amounts of crying.

Touche Mr. Sparks....we will keep coming back....and we will cry!

We found this Real-Life #tearjerker to rival the emotional intensity of a Nick Sparks book. Grab a box of Kleenex and enjoy this free read from our local news channel.


Puppy sized spiders. This is a Halloween hoax, right???
Apparently not! Discovery News was happy to tell us the myth is REAL and these creepy crawleys love hanging out in the rainforest.
NOTE: Cancel trip to Costa Rica ASAP!!!


You are winning Kim...we think???


Did you know Indy has a Slightly Haunted Puppet Studio?

We do: Peewinkle's Slightly Haunted Puppet Studio!!!

Gertrude the wacky and crazy witch will keep the kids captivated and laughing, not in fear, but pure joy.

Check out the show schedule here:

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