theCityMoms are Talking About It...October 2nd, 2014

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You Say "DONUTS" WE say "1 DOZEN PLEASE!!!"


We recently visited General American Donut on the southwest side of Indy and man-oh-man we are IN LOVE!!!
So, this week when Indianapolis Monthly posted it's Eat Sheet on their blog we took note that our beloved donut shop will now be serving lunch!!! This is one menu we cannot wait to experience.
We also took notice at the mention of the much anticipated opening of MILKTOOTH, which happens to be TODAY. {cue unified foodie clap & squeal}

Fall has arrived with all of it's fun!
.....and germs
This week a BIG topic of discussion among our moms has been viruses. You know, the two being played up in the media: Entero & Ebola, or as we like to call them EnteroBola. Not quite as skeezy as Bennifer or Kimye, but they are getting there.

Entero.pngYUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

Seriously though, our moms are paying attention to the facts and watching out for the health of their families. We know the best way to limit the spread of any illness is to limit exposure and WASH YOUR HANDS often. 

So, repeat after us...
  1. It is okay NOT to share- stay home if you are sick
  2. WASH YOUR HANDS- rinse & repeat!

Maybe we did a little shopping this week, just maybe....
The racks were raided at the Redeux Women's Consignment Event that took place in Fishers this week. Husbands all over Indy took a big sigh of relief that we did not have to pay retail for anything!
We are tagging items to consign at Whale of A Sale Indy South that takes place Oct. 3rd & 4th. Husbands take another sigh of relief and kids all over Indy are wondering where all of their toys have gone!
Keep decluttering because the Whale of A Sale Holiday Event is soon to follow....

CityMoms are still listening to 'Let It Go' on infinite repeat
We Are
Our little Frozen Fanatics were delighted to meet & greet with the characters from Disney's Frozen at Earth Exlporer Toys, in Zionsville, last Friday.

We are talking TO....


Joining our October Book Club discussion will be author Laura Ward.
Yep, we are reading her book 'Not Yet'  this month and are pumped to have Laura chime in via skype.

This will be the first time that one of our book clubs has connected one-on-one with an author and we are kind of giddy about it!

Congratulations to the following CityMoms and BUMPers whi welcomed a little one into the world this week: Shawna, Melanie & Kathryn

So that's what has been buzzing among our CityMoms this week. 
                                                                  How about you? What's on your mind? 
Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @theCityMoms
                                                                  We're always here to listen! 

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