theCityMoms Are Talking About It- Week Of August 25th

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Pregnancy bumps? Family art time? The end of summer? Here's what our CityMoms members were chatting about this week at events and in our private members-only forum:


  • StitchFix. And how we'd faint if THEY offered a special CityMoms member perk. 
  • The Music Playhouse announcing they will officially open studio space in Carmel - hip, hip, hooray!

  • Potty training! The how-tos, tip-sharing conversation seems to be on a lot of CityMoms' minds lately. Thankfully we participated in the #KandooKids Twitter party this week which was a great source for tips. 

  • Our not-one-but-two events with the Indianapolis Museum of Art this week: Art In The Park and Wee Wednesdays. We can't stay away from Michigan Avenue and their fantastic family activities! 
  • Planning our Fall community outreach program with Project Home Indy, a local residence for pregnant and homeless teens looking to get back on their feet.

  • Next month's "Keep Calm and Meet theCityMoms" event to drive new members, shop, and of course enjoy a little beer at Bier Brewery. {And if you've been following along on our adventures at theCityMoms these past few months, we'd LOVE the opportunity to officially meet you! This fun recruitment event will take place Thursday, 9/11. Come see us! 
What about you? What have you and your friends been discussing this week? Sound off in the comments. 

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