Don't Forget To Take Care Of Yourself, Mama.

As a mama to a nearly four year old and a 20 month old, I’ve spent my fair share of zhero1.jpgtime in doctor’s offices in recent years. Between monthly well baby checkups, sick visits, bi-annual pediatric dental appointments, and the occasionalER run, I stay on top of my kid’s health. 

I always feel so accomplished after seeing a pediatric physician. I make a list of things to ask the doctor and then feel like a good mom when I leave and have all the answers to my questions. But when it comes to my own health, I’m like; I’ll make an appointment someday…

I got a call from my OBGYN office the other day saying I needed to come in since I haven’t had an annual exam since 2013. 

"Really? Have I actually not seen my lady bits doctor since my son was born? "

Shame on me, I used to be SO GOOD about making these dreadful annual exams in my pre-kid life. I usually scheduled them during a sucky day at work so I could peace out and never go back to the office. That’s the only thing that had clamps and being spread eagle with neon lights tolerable. 

I had an eye doctor that I saw every year because I loved getting that 20/20 vision score. Plus he was kind of hot for an older man. And when I discovered there are actually dental hygienists that could lull me to sleep with their super gentle teeth cleaning skills, I was Johnny on the spot with those two appointments each year. Who wouldn’t prefer a nap over being at work, even if someone has a pointy tool and a drill in your mouth? 

I had a dermatologist for my Godforsaken acne that haunted me well past my teen years, and a family doctor to get annual physicals and *cough cough*, I’m sick appointments when needed. I took GOOD care of myself. 

And then I had kids. 

Ya, my birth control is going to be cut off if I don’t see my OBGYN this month. And my 20/20 vision is all blury/blury these days when I’m on the computer or reading for too long. I cannot remember the last time I had my eyes checked, but I’m guessing it’s been about three years. I’ve made two eye doctor appointments in the last year and cancelled them both because I didn’t have time – or a babysitter. 

The only thing I do stay on top of is my dental appointments. There’s just something about not going to the dentist like, ever, that makes me feel all back woods and I can’t go there. I may be blind as a bat with dark sun spots all over my face and high cholesterol or something, but my teeth gotta be pretty, m’kay?

Basically I’m trying to take ownership of the fact that since having kids I’m not very good about taking care of ME when it comes to necessary medical checkups. I want to get glasses, clear my skin up, have a family doctor, get on a routine with my annual exam, etc. Saying it on the internet is certainly going to hold me accountable to make these dang appointments!! At least I hope.

How many of you are neglecting your own health and wellness because you’re busy being a mom and running around after your kiddos? I think we all should make it a point this week to pick up the phone and make those overdue appointments! Let’s make our health and well-being a priority so we can be the best moms we can be! And hopefully, if you’re lucky, you’ll stumble upon a hot doc that keeps you on a regular schedule, know what I mean?! But if you get a hot OBGYN with clamps, omg, run for the hills!!
These days I’m a stay at home mom waffling with the decision to keep being a SAHM or go back to work. I’m straddling the fence so much it’s beginning to chafe. Ow! I mean, really, I just want to go back to work and make a brag-worthy paycheck, wear super cute clothes, say smart things, and go to Mexican for lunch with my co-workers. The problem with this is that I don’t want to actually go to work or wake up before 7:00am. Annnd I’ll be sad to leave my little guy in daycare about the time when he starts walking and talking a little. That’s when he will become more fun! So for now I’m just a SAHM enjoying time with my 3 year old daughter Annabelle, and my little man Leo who is the cutest, smiliest baby boy in all the land. FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BLOG

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