We are about to embark on something CRAZY!

We are about to embark on something CRAZY! Seriously, this may be one (if not the most) challenging things I’ve ever done. What are we doing? Beginning January 5th, my hubby, my three kiddos ages 2-6, and I will be removing all added sugar from our diet for 60 days.
Yes, we will still be able to eat fruit, pasta and drink milk. These forms of sugar are different than the one I have a problem with, and that is fructose. 

If we’re removing fructose from our diet, then how can we eat fruit? Yes, fruit does contain fructose, but it also contains FIBER, which makes it okay (more to come on this later).  Pasta is okay because it contains glucose. Glucose can be used by every single cell in your body, whereas fructose can ONLY be processed by your liver. Milk is fine because it contains lactose, which is not part of the problem here. Again, fructose is the culprit and is what we’ll focus on removing, along with all of its quasi forms.


There are a variety of reasons why we’re doing this. 

Our 5 year old daughter seems to be very sensitive to sugar (fructose). She struggles with chronic constipation and sugar seems to make it worse. After big junk food eating events such as birthdays, Easter, Christmas, etc., her condition seems to worsen. 

2.     I’m tired. I’m tired of the fighting junk food creates. When its treat time, the kids argue over who has the bigger piece. They never argue over who has a bigger piece of fruit, they only argue over junk food. Plus, they’re never satisfied with just a little bit of junk food. They only ask for more “real” food if they’re truly hungry. Seriously, I’m really fed up with the arguing and whining that comes with junk food.

3.     I’ve personally removed sugar from my diet for 30 days and felt AMAZING. Sugar may give us temporary pleasure, but it comes at a price. That price is crashing, craving and feeling pretty crappy in general. You don’t notice it until you remove it. Trust me; people feel better when they cut out the added sugar.

4.     Our children eat more sugar than I think. I’ve tracked it before and my mind was blown. I’m pretty conscience about sugar, so I assumed they didn’t eat more than they should. I was wrong. Why? Because I fool myself with thinking “oh, it’s real maple syrup” or “it’s coconut sugar.” Yes, they’re better forms of sugar, but they’re STILL sugar. The amount of sugar a child should have per day varies based on the age, but my children should have around 3 tsp, or 12 grams. Google how many grams of sugar your kids should have per day. You may be surprised at how much they’re eating compared to how much they should be eating. If your kids are fruit drinkers, chances are their sugar consumption is through the roof. Sugary beverages are hands down the biggest offender.

5.     To remove the addiction. Our boys are going to do just fine with this #60DaysNoSugar thing, but our daughter may struggle. She is like Buddy the Elf (you know the Will Farrell movie). My husband and I always laugh at the syrup-spaghetti scene because our daughter would add maple syrup to everything if we let her. I want her taste buds to adapt and change so she can start to feel better.


Again, we’re not massive sugar eaters, but I know there is still significant room for improvement. This will be a challenge, I know. Sugar is EVERYWHERE. I had to order the kids new vitamins today because yes, there was fructose in their chewable vitamins. We have to change our brand of ketchup, salsa, pasta sauce, etc. The only way to get away from sugar is to make a conscience choice to. There are an abundance of health complications that can result from too much sugar, and I don’t want our kids to be a part of the epidemic. 

There is so much more to come as I blog about our journey and as I continue to get more educated on sugar. There is a lot of info I want to share, and one blog post is not nearly enough. I’m passionate about sugar, so feel free to follow our journey at www.gofitmom.com.

jen.jpgJen Boudreau

Jen is a former personal trainer, fitness manager and group fitness instructor. I am a work-from-home wife and mom with three kids, age four and under. I can relate with many of you who are simply trying to merge a healthy lifestyle with a SUPER busy life. Helping you reach your health and fitness goals is my purpose.
Keep up with Jen on her blog Go Fit Mom and Twitter @gofitmom

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