Spring Cleaning Hacks for Busy Moms

So I don't know about you gals, but I seriously feel like I never get to do anything on the weekends because I'm always cleaning or doing laundry.  Cleaning sucks.  It really does.  I only have one kiddo, but she's a tornado who can wiggle her way out of picking up and has the most toys I've ever seen.  I have a husband who only does his own laundry, and by "does" I mean throws the load in the washer and nothing else.  And two dogs who we got because they weren't supposed to shed... but they sure do!  Everywhere!  So Little Miss Martha here feels like a farce thanks to her disaster zone of a home!  

And with April upon us, it's time for everyone to be thinking about Spring Cleaning.  And with that, I'm going to share a few of my favorite hacks and a cleaning calendar to help us all keep our houses clean(er) and our sanity in tact! 



*Break it down from Penny Pincher Jenny

Its exhausting taking entire weekends to clean things up, and honestly it feels like you never have any rest!  So break it down.  Jenny from Penny Pincher Jenny breaks a deep clean down into 7 days. There are more details on her site, but this is a quick overview. 

-Day 1 - Drapes and Blinds

-Day 2 - Fan & Light Fixtures

-Day 3 - Bedrooms

-Day 4 - Bathrooms

-Day 5 - Kitchen

-Day 6 - Floors 

And on the 7th day he rested... 


*Daily Tasks from Good Housekeeping

According to Good Housekeeping there are a few daily tasks one should not neglect. I'm not going to lie, I maybe do 4 of these daily... you? 

-Make Bed

-Clean Coffee Maker

-Clean Dirty Dishes

-Wipe Down Kitchen Counters & Table

-Sanitize Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

-Sweep Kitchen Floors

-Wipe Down Bathroom Surfaces

-Squeegee Shower Walls

-Do laundry, as needed

-Sanitize Sponges

----This is obviously not a daily list for the working mother... just saying... 

To see how often they suggest doing everything click here to see their suggestions. 


*The Quick Clean from Clean Mama

This is typically how I clean... A quick and hurried cleanup before someone comes over for a visit.  It feels good when you are done, things aren't trashed, and you still have time to do other things!  

1. Gather Your Tools -- must haves include: feather duster, microfiber cloths, lint roller, all purpose cleaner, disinfecting cleaner (bath), cleaning wipes, and window/mirror cleaner. 

2. Set A Timer -- 30 minutes is probably a realistic time frame.

3. Start With a Laundry Basket & Garbage Bag -- begin by collecting anything that belongs somewhere else.  

4. Do a Quick Dust

5. Wipe Surfaces -- Spray all hard surfaces and wipe with cloth.

6. Wipe Mirrors 

7. Quick Vacuum -- visible high traffic areas.

8. Fluff Pillows and Straighten Throw Blankets -- Fake it till you make it ladies! 

9. Fresh Towels -- The look of fresh towels can really defy the eye!


Clean Mama has some really great printables too!  Like this April Cleaning Calendar... 

Who's up for the challenge?!

Vinegar is my favorite thing to clean with but sometimes the smell can be too much.  So I recently found this DIY Lemonade Cleaner and you can even make it with your kiddos! And one last tip... 


All you need is:

1/2 cup of vinegar

1/2 cup of water

Combine and use to clean just about anything thanks to vinegar being so versatile!  If you want to make it smell yummy, just add lemons or orange peel to the spray and let it sit for a couple of days so the vinegar can adapt to the new scent before you use it!  If you can't wait, throw some lemon or orange essential oils in there and get to cleaning!  





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