Sneak Peek: Children's Museum Creepy Carnival Haunted House!

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Last Friday brought a treat: A sneak peek at the 2014 Indianapolis Children's Museum Haunted House! As we approached I realized that this year's theme - Creepy Carnival - could have Mommy shivering in her boots more than the kids. I hate clowns. HATE. Like life-ending fear of them. But Em grabbed my hand as we walked inside and said in her sweet voice 'DON'T WORRY MOM, I'LL PROTECT YOU' so I put on my bravest face and stepped in.

Lucky us: We were first to arrive so the Children's Museum Guild 'Witches' who plan and prep this annual tradition were standing by to guide us through. It gave me a chance to pepper our Witch with questions {sorry about that!} and we learned:
  • The Haunted House has been a tradition of the Children's Museum for 51 years
  • The Museum is already in the final discussion stages for NEXT YEAR'S HAUNTED HOUSE - talk about planning ahead!
  • There are 13 different vignettes or rooms of the Creepy Carnival 
  • The Lights On version is just what this mom ordered
Here's a peek of the incredibly-crafted attractions along the way, including Bozar the Bizarre, a life-size clown-head {Em didn't bat an eye… mommy shot the photo and dashed in the other direction}.
We slid into the Midway Mayhem, outfitted to resemble your favorite carnival games. {Our 'Witch' tour guide informed me a call to Museum employees for all their unused stuffed animals is what provided the bounty for the great wall decor splattered in 'blood.'}
The Scare-O-Sel provided a little fright with this pumpkin-headed fellow.
Spine-Chilling Sideshow included crazy carnival-like creatures such as The Alligatorman
What's a carnival without those delish carnival treats? Em wasn't so thrilled with the idea of Lemon Snake-Ups.
Carni Control provided a glimpse into the well, madness behind the madness of the Creepy Carnival.
In all, the Clown Factor was minimal aside from one room named Clown Town. Fortunately Em lived up to her word and protected me during the entire visit. This year's Creepy Carnival will definitely be a must-see and is crafted with the same careful and creative love they bring to all their programs and exhibits.

The Creepy Carnival runs 10/11-10/31 at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. The Museum is located at 3000 N. Meridian Street. The Haunted House offers IPL’s Lights-On Hours (for children who scare easily) and Defender Direct’s Frightening Hours (with the lights off, for children who dare to be scared). Williams Comfort Air’s XTREME SCREAM late nights take fright to the next level on select Friday and Saturday nights for super-brave visitors. 

For exact hours and to purchase tickets, visit:
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