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The first Spring we were in Indy someone asked my husband, ‘So, where are you guys going for Spring break?’. Our daughter was only one at the time. Spring break? With a baby? This is a thing? We were shocked. Why would we do that? When I was a kid “Spring break” was an extra two days off school; Good Friday and the Monday following Easter. Not a flipping week where it’s just assumed you’re going somewhere. I spent Spring break with a babysitter (until I was old enough to do the sitting myself). We’d color Easter eggs. Play outside. Ride bikes. Color. Read. If my siblings and I were lucky we’d get to go on a quick trip with our Mom to the mall 30 minutes away. It was like any other day off from school. I really don’t remember anything too extraordinary.

Boy, how times have changed.


What started as a trip to visit my grandparents after my Dad passed away has turned into an annual tradition. Every Spring we load up the Honda Odyssey and make the 16 hour trek down to sunny Florida {with what seems like the rest of Indiana} for a week away from home. We spend almost every day on the beach. We eat at super fun, yummy restaurants. We see my grandparents and friends. We really do enjoy most of it.


How lucky are these kids though? My goodness. When we walked into our beach condo the other day I seriously stopped for a minute and just shook my head. Like most parents, we have tried to give our children a life we didn’t have, but dang, I think we may have gone a bit overboard {and we don’t give our kids half of what the majority of kids their ages get}.


My eight year old won’t stop complaining. We’ve had to eat at our vacation home too much! I gave her half of an egg sandwich, not a whole! She’s had to play with toys inside and use her imagination! Her life is miserable. The crying fit she had this morning was award worthy, and that was all because I told her she couldn’t watch TV. Why can’t she just be grateful that we’re in Florida and not in Indy where it’s practically winter? Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, I know how lucky we are. And I hope my kids do, too. But I want to go hide in the kitchen and eat a Nutty Bar I’m so stressed. Yes, Spring break sure has changed.



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Born & raised in Central Illinois & moved to Indy in 2008. Megan LOVES to stay busy & be social. She volunteers, dabbles in photography, travels & thoroughly enjoys music and the Cubs. The Security Director for the Whale of a Sale, A Daisy Troop Leader, Girl Scouts School Organizer, Nanny, and wife to an incredible man who works super hard so she can stay home and do all of these fun things. Oh, she also runs a local non-profit called Pals On Patrol!

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