Really. Simple. Very. Powerful.

I need to talk to you.  It’s important.  I mean – really really important.  It’s about yourtimemy time, our time together and it’s about being nice, respectful, considerate andthoughtful.  It’s about so much more than saying “yes”.  It’s about saying “no” and also just about being honest with yourself, me and others about this time that we have all set aside to be in the same room doing the same thing.  


I want to implore you, my friends and fellow mamas, to RSVP.  I am not saying, “SAY YES” when I ask you to send in a note of response. 
I am just asking you to please just saySOMETHING and then ….oh wait...

Mean it.  Stick to it and please – do give it your best go – to update or change your RSVP in a reasonable amount of time to adjust for food, drinks and accommodate others to attend in your place if it’s a limited event. 

The art of the RSVP has been forgotten in recent decades, but doesn’t it seem like the right time to bring it back?
I am in a place in my life where I finally understand the value of responding to a wedding, shower, party, mom’s night out, or even a coffee date in a timely manner. It has taken me a few years – maybe all my years – to really GET this through my skull.  I have come to realize that many of us just take for granted that if we don’t respond, we most certainly aren’t coming.However, then there are those occasions, where people just show up without RSVPing. How odd, I think that this seems to be OK to do!  It’s not, by the way! Especially when reservations are made, favors are accounted for, food and drinks are served and hosts have prepped for days.

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The point is this -- it’s an invitation – not a proclamation -- that you must attend.  A simple “accept” or “decline”.  This is what I most want to share.  It is an honor to be included; to be asked especially for a wedding, birthday party or shower.

  If we consider this a blessing to be included on a guest list and not a stressful “oh my gosh…I cannot believe someone else wants me to attend one more thing” moment, you may blow your own mind in giving this invite the time it deserves.  

You may feel good about being invited by your friend, co-worker, fellow mama, new acquaintance, husband’s family.  If we begin to react differently to invitations, it could change the relationship with that person in a very positive way.  

Sharing in an event with others means someone thoughtfully wants to be in your presence, connect and catch up with you.  I know…..I know,  what you are thinking!   With the world of Facebook events* and Evites* floating through your email account, it may not feel special; but if you consider each invitation as someone who really does want to see you, get to know you and share their life with you; it may help you view the invitation as an opportunity to:

        Make new friends!
         Reconnect with old friends!
       Discover something interesting!
         Have fun!
     Get outside your comfort zone!

*and well, we have all learned how to tell genuine invites from a mass mailer, so stop making excuses* 

The art of RSVPing may have skipped a few generations, but it is not lost forever.
Let’s begin learning about 'it' and pass that knowledge on to our little ones. 
Honestly, the sky is the limit IF you say “yes!” But you don’t have to accept.  I promise…this is not what this is about.  I would encourage you to consider the invitation as – just that – invitingyou and asking for your presence; not demanding it.  Simply consider the date and time andthoughtfully accept or decline.  If something changes, let the host know so they can make arrangements accordingly.  There are a few highlighted words above that read thoughtfully let the host know when strung together. It is really that simple. Really!

No matter what the event is – whether it’s a CityMom MNO, PLAYgroup or MOMpreneur luncheon, another in home social selling party, a bridal shower or a 4th birthday invite from the mom at school you haven’t met – simply & thoughtfully respond. How powerful is that?

It’s truly the meaning of RSVP and the {right} nice thing to do.
Marcie is a hard-working mom of two who believes that all mothers can feel great & look great while doing-it-all. She is a stylist for Los Angeles based fashion house CAbi and is the owner of Easy Breezy Fashionista. Marcie has moved far away to Tampa, Florida; now you can find her blogging at Tampa Bay Moms Blog
Follow Marcie on Twitter and Instagram at @ebfashionista.

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