Once upon a time there were four rabbits...



In this whimsical and heartwarming adaptation of a classic story, the cast of “Peter Rabbit and Me” invite the audience back in time to an English garden estate in the late nineteenth century where an imaginative little girl dreams of a magical world with talking animals and playful adventures. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this timeless tale, a young Beatrix, played beautifully by sixth-grader Piper Murphy, dreams of a world that is less rigid than her Victorian nursery.  While her brother Bertrum prepares to depart for boarding school, Beatrix is busy imagining Peter Rabbit and his siblings Flopsy and Mopsy. Peter Rabbit is a thrill-seeker, and despite the warnings from Mother Rabbit he sneaks into the curmudgeon Mr. McGregor’s garden.  Avoiding a few close encounters, Peter makes it home safely, but not before getting a taste of adventure and the delicious vegetables Mr. McGregor’s garden has to offer.


The Tale of Peter Rabbit, written by Beatrix Potter, has been a long favorite of children, and the IRT’s adaptation, by Aurand Harris, is sure to be a crowd pleaser with both children and adults. The children in the audience sit on the floor and become the vegetables of the garden. They are frequently nibbled on and pointed at by the actors, which holds them captive.  Children explode in giggles as Mr. McGregor chases the mischievous Peter Rabbit throughout the garden. They gasp and cover their mouths as Peter Rabbit poses as a scarecrow, and they shout “that way” and squirm in anticipation as Peter Rabbit gets caught on the gate, in danger of becoming rabbit soup.  Children are even invited to sing-along with the mouse as he tries to distract the old farmer.


While the children are mesmerized, the adults will be impressed by the poise of the young cast. Five of the seven primary cast members are children, yet they act with such grace and composure that it’s hard to believe they aren’t professionals. And while the play itself will surely invoke some nostalgia, watching the joy of the children in the audience is entertaining in and of itself.


If you love literature; if you appreciate a classical tale of adolescent rebellion, adventure and imagination; if you like to watch your children giggle as they experience a story coming to life before them, then this should make it on to your must-do Holiday list!


What: “Peter Rabbit and Me”

When: November 21-December 20

Where: Indiana Repertory Theatre, Cabaret theater

Why: Holiday fun for the whole family!


Best for ages 4 and up, but use parental judgement for younger children.

The show runs approximately 55 minutes

Tickets are $20 for chairs, $15 for adult floor, and $8 child and student floor



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