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CityMom Approved: Thinx


Thinx. What?

Thinx….period-proof underwear that protects you from leaks and keeps you feeling dry. That is what their website says anyways. I was definitely intrigued because my flow changed after having kids and I was looking for another option. I also thought that the two sisters Miki and Radha Agrawai along with Antonia Dunbar, who created Thinx were pretty cool for having a mission to “provide girls worldwide with safe spaces to learn about their bodies, enhance their financial literacy and explore their entrepreneurial potential, while changing the global narrative around menstruation.” 

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Adventure Is Waiting...

High-waisted khaki pants. Patterned kerchiefs tied around necks. Lots and lots of men. If these are the images that come to mind when you imagine the “Boy Scouts”, it is time you got to know the modern face of scouting--a place where women leaders are welcomed and family time is the top priority.

High-waisted khaki pants. Patterned kerchiefs tied around necks. Lots and lots of men. If these are the images that come to mind when you imagine the “Boy Scouts”, it is time you got to know the modern face of scouting--a place where women leaders are welcomed and family time is the top priority.

Stacy Barry, a Realtor at Century 21 Scheetz, said that scouting has been an adventure for her whole family, not just for her nine-year-old Hudson, who joined the Scouts in first grade. “There is never a discussion if he is participating in Scouts or not,” Barry said.

The Barry Family Scoutingboys_and_dad.jpg

And now her second son Parker won’t have to wait as long to follow in his big brother’s footsteps, because as of this year the Scouts are allowing Kindergarteners to join!

Barry, like many modern moms, is busy to say the very least. She balances a highly successful career in real estate with two lively boys, but she says the commitment to the Scouts is worthwhile and a priority in her family. In addition to being a “huge melting pot of kids” the Scouts teaches practical life skills, important values, and keeps kids active and engaged in their community.  And no longer is the Scouts a “boys only” club. “The scouts have changed a lot,” Barry said. Moms and Dads are welcome to participate. In fact, the leader of Hudson’s den is a woman, and there are many female leaders throughout the organization. Barry believes that women bring many strengths to the program such as organization, practical advice, and a strong knowledge of age appropriateness. At the end of the day, the Boy Scouts is a family affair, and all are welcome to participate and volunteer.


Michelle Weber, Graphic Designer and Co-Director of theCityMoms of Greater Indianapolis, said her six-year-old son Thomas is so excited to be able to join the Boy Scouts as a kindergartener:  “He loves science, nature and exploration. The Boy Scouts seem to have it all. He was very excited to see all of the STEM scouts has to offer and cannot wait to be old enough to check that out”


How It Works:

Prospective Scouts (Kindergarteners and up) can register starting August 25th at their local elementary school or at

Scouts are organized into dens, with one to two leaders, and dens are included in a pack, which typically encompass an entire school.

The Commitment:

The Boy Scouts requires a very low financial commitment. Scouts pay a minimal fee to join and are required to purchase a uniform and t-shirt. They do participate in fundraising efforts throughout the year to sustain the den activities.

“It is a lot of work for the parents, but it is worth it,” Barry said about the commitment. Especially with Cub Scouts, it is expected that there is a parent present per child. Most Scouting events are very family-friendly. Barry said she and her husband typically take turns attending events, and her husband is an assistant den leader.

Weber said, “My husband and I plan to attend Joining Scouts Night at Thomas’ elementary school to learn more. We were both scouts, growing up, so we know there is a level of involvement that each parent commits to each den. It is a little exciting to think of experiencing all of that, again, with our son!”

What Do They Do?

Scouts participate in a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, and learning safe knife skills. They also volunteer and give back to their schools. It is service learning with an emphasis on the great outdoors.

Weber said, “My hope is that my son will get to build upon the interests he already has while learning basic life skills to help him be successful. I also expect that he will have A LOT of fun!!!”

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Orange Leaf Party Box



CityMom Danielle reviewed* the Pop-Up Party Box from Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt and thinks it is a delicious option for Summer celebrations, play dates with friends, and basically any gathering of people! I mean do you really need an excuse to eat this delicious treat?





Like many of you, I am a mother with children who act very much like children all summer long. One of our goals for the Summer months is to stay nice and cool. As a part of this keeping cool quest, we decided to try out the Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Pop-Up Party Box with their new flavors: Spa Day Sorbet and  Strawberry Serrano Lemonade. I figured a party box was as good of a reason as any to host a party, so I called a few friends (who also happened to have kids who like to keep cool) to join us at Saxony Beach and share in the frozen yogurt fun.



We hopped on over to Orange Leaf on River’s Edge (the one off of 82nd and Dean Road) and were greeted by an incredibly nice manager named Scott who had everything ready before we got there. He explained the Party Box and all that it had to offer. According to the company's Website,  “Orange Leaf’s Pop-Up Party Boxes are ideal for birthday parties, backyard BBQs and meet ups with friends. They offer froyo lovers a convenient and easy way to enjoy Orange Leaf at home, at play, work or even at the pool —whether it is 12, 25 or 50 8oz cups of froyo (plus toppings).” We chose the party box for 25 friends and headed out to our play date.


After much research (i.e. sampling every single delicious flavor to rank the yumminess) I decided my favorite was the Brownie Batter, but coming in a very close second was Spa Day Sorbet. I am and will always be a brownie fan, but the cool sensation of the Spa Day hit the spot, too! I do think the best part for the kids was picking their own toppings. I mean who doesn’t like sprinkles and gummy worms? Calm your mom guilt, however, because in addition to cookies and candy toppings the party box featured fruit, so it's practically healthy. 



What did we learn? Kids love the beach, but they love the beach with Orange Leaf even better!  We are already dreaming about some of the other menu options we will try such as the Froyo Cake, which will be perfect with so many birthdays coming up! The Summer Time Swizzles are also on our short list, featuring such mouth-watering flavors as Stars and Stripes, Strawberry Shortcake, Coconut Creme Pie, and Rocky Road!



Is your mouth watering yet? Can you practically taste the frozen yogurt on your tongue? Well good, because Orange Leaf is generously offering a $25 gift card, with some fabulous Orange Leaf swag, to three of our readers! In the meantime, download the Orange Leaf app and check out their fun new mascot, the Orange Unicorn.





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