10 Apps That Make Your Mommy Brain Seem {almost} Non-Existent

Motherhood brings glorious & fleeting moments of clarity.
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Y'know, like when you get a glimpse of your new baby's first smile, witness your kiddo round the bases to home plate or hear your little one say 'I Love You Mama'. Those are the moments that are ingrained on our souls and we will never forget.

There are many other things us mamas need to remember. The Tuesday doctors appointment, grandma's birthday, your day to bring snacks to preschool and so on.... 
Most days I could use a reminder to eat and take a shower!
Here are 10 of my favorite apps that help me keep life in check and my sanity intact.


COZI has been around for a bit and offers both a paid and free version available on all platforms. It is combo calendar, to-do list, meal planner & grocery list keeper. If you are into bells & whistles this app also has a great blog helps you manage the crazy-busy family life.



Todoist is a multi-platform app, which means it can be used with any browser on a desktop computer or laptop as well as on mobile devices. The design is sleek, simple and super easy to learn. It is also very easy to share your work with others and collaborate on your to-do list!


EVERNOTE makes it easy to keep everything in sync. You can use it from your PC, tablet or phone. Keep track of your favorite Web Pages, Research your next vacation, Take pictures & Write notes to remind yourself why you took it in the first place.


The KEY RING app is made just for your mobile device. The name of it's game is to 'Tame Your Cards'. All of those annoying shopper loyalty cards that take up entirely too much space on your key chain and wallet. Yep, Those!!! Save them all right to your phone and access them while shopping. It also has a handy coupon function to help you save money too!


LASTPASS is a secure way to save your passwords. Probably not a good idea to keep a post-it taped to your laptop with a list, right? This app makes it easy for you to login to sites by encrypting and remembering your usernames and passwords.

rtm.jpgREMEMBER THE MILK helps you do just that! Available across ALL platforms this app will make sure you are able to keep track of your to-do list no matter where you in life. Although, sometimes I forget the milk on purpose just so I can run to the store by myself on occasion ;)





TEUXDEUX is a sleek 'design-y' app that has a simple and straight forward to-do list feature. It can be used on Mac, PC or most mobile devices. LOVED reading the story behind the app. You have to check it out if you are the literary type!



TIMR keeps track of your time for you. Maybe you need to track time spent on work projects at home or you need create billable hours for a client. Heck, maybe you want to send your husband a bill for hours spent on housework ;) This multi-platform app also keeps track of mileage along with your time.



ZIPLIST is another full-service multi-platform app. It is more of a meal planner, coupon clipper and meal planner in my opinion. Those are all things super-important to me and probably to you too.

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Michelle is an Indiana native who has made her home on the Northeast side of Indy with her husband & two children. She is a pediatric nurse who has taken time away from the profession to grow her family. While at home she has honed her skills as a designer while building her portfolio forLilyput Design. You can follow Michelle on Twitter @mumweber

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