Make Ahead Lasagna Rolls: Recipe of the Week



Make Ahead Lasagna Rolls from Betty Crocker

“First we eat, then we do everything else.” -M.F.K. Fisher

“...The people who give you their food give you their heart.” -Cesar Chavez

Food is a love currency. When someone is suffering, we bring food. When someone is celebrating, we bring food. When we gather together, we eat. Maybe we hope that when we feed someone literally we are also nourishing them spiritually.



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DIY Halloween


Halloween is a big deal at our house.  Usually we have a pretty good display, not to toot our own horns.  We scare adults and children both.  Sometimes kids won’t come to the door because we have too much scary going on.  Here’s part of our display from past years:



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Ask Amanda: Mom Guilt


How do I stop feeling so guilty about taking time for myself? I just went back to work after staying home with my youngest. And I also want to start working out again, but I feel so guilty about leaving! I want to be able to enjoy my time away and focus on work and getting healthy.  How do I stop feeling so selfish and guilty?????

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Cheesy Beef and Pepper Pasta Bake

Cheesy Beef and Pepper Pasta Bake  Serves 8-10  Ingredients:  ¼ cup of butter ½ large onion, diced 2 bell peppers, diced 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 tsp. salt 2 tsp. pepper

So, I actually made and photographed four different recipes, thinking each might serve as my blog post for this month. They were all tasty, but I wasn’t satisfied that the photographs made them look tasty enough. Plus our theme for the month is supposed to be tailgate food. I have never been tailgating, at least not for football. I don’t know if this qualifies as tailgating food, but it would be good for a game time potluck. 

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Holidays With Our Furry Friends


I start out this post thinking of the many, many things that can be a hazard to our furry family members around the holidays. I made a list of the common (turkey anyone?) and uncommon risks to our pets during the holidays (seriously why would anyone swallow an entire strand of Christmas lights!). I ended up with a rather grumpy list of things not to do that put a bit of a damper on my holiday spirit (where is fall anyway??).
So, I decided to head back to the drawing board. I love the holidays. It is a wonderful time with family and friends and of course our pets also. There are many things you can and should do with your pet that are fun and will help keep everyone safe during the holidays.

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Are You Inadvertently Judging Your Friends?


Being the self-proclaimed Queen of Words, I spend a lot of time thinking about words, the way they are used and what they mean.


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Mom of the Month: Christi


Meet Christi Amos of Mooresville. Mom to Justin, 10, and Cody, 7. Christi took some time out of her very busy schedule to answer a few questions about her kids, her life, and her guilty pleasure!


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Me Time in the Midst of a Busy Season

I get it, we’re all busy.

While I would love to have a less-full calendar, and I love the idea that we stop glorifying busy, it also doesn’t mean things can slow down for some of us right now. (I’m ten weeks into the school year at this point and still trying to get new routines and rhythms established right now–it is the most hectic time of year for me and you too, if you have school-aged kids.)


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Pumpkin Curry: Recipe of the Week


Pumpkin Curry

I grew up eating curry.  I have to admit my mom’s chicken curry is divine!  I’ve actually cried when I fell and dropped my plate of curry.  I went to an amazing Thai restaurant and they cooked with so much love it made me think of my mom.  With it being fall, here is a hearty and seasonally inspired curry guaranteed to warm your bellies and hearts.


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The Great Pumpkin Workout from Baby Boot Camp


October is here, which means everywhere you look you are seeing pumpkin...pumpkin lattes, cookies, cakes, candies, pies...anything and everything is now with pumpkin! So we thought with all the extra calories we might be consuming this month due to pumpkins it would be fun to turn one into our workout equipment! Your little ones can join along in the fun and help you decorate after you are finished with the workout, or you can get a little one for them so they can do a pumpkin workout as well! 

Here are some of our absolute favorite workouts to do with our pumpkins!

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