New Year, New You…The CityMoms take on 2016

There is something so damn refreshing to me about opening a new calendar. All of that blank space, all of that potential, a year just waiting to unfold—a year of joy and surprise and yes, maybe a little disappointment. A new calendar, a new year, a new me.


I know that resolutions are the ultimate cliché, but I still love making them. My track record is admittedly less than stellar, but the simple process of contemplating the upcoming year is so therapeutic that it’s an accomplishment in and of itself. Yes, it is just another year, but the passage of time deserves to be marked and celebrated. So here are my resolutions for 2016:

 1. Be Smarter.

I feel like I already have a great start on this resolution with my Merriam Webster Word-A-Day calendar I requested as a Christmas gift. Generally speaking, I would like less television and more literature; less Facebook and more actual books; less mindless recreation and more mindful engagement. I have always loved school, so I will pretend to be a student again, sans the debt and ramen noodles. 

2. Be Present.

I will turn off my cell phone when I walk in the door from work. I will make eye contact during conversations. I will uni-task. I will not respond like Pavlov’s dog when I hear the chirp of email or the ding of a text message. And for the love of god, I will only drive while driving.


 3. Be Kinder…to myself.

Okay, this is a thinly veiled resolution to lose weight, but it is also so much more. I will treat my body well. I will only eat food that is either good for me or so incredibly scrumptious that it is worth the splurge—hence my lofty goal of giving up all fast food for the entire year. I will not cringe when I walk by a mirror. I will not constantly suck in my stomach or lift my boobs to their twenty-year-old position on my chest. I will accept compliments without deflecting. I will treat my body in a way that will make it want to stick around with me for a long while.


 4. Be Slower.

I am rarely not in a rush, which might go without saying for a working mother of two young children. This ever-ticking clock ratchets my anxiety up to dangerous levels, so I will accept tardiness. I will stop and listen to my daughter’s story in the morning instead of rushing her out the door. I will not schedule every single one of the 31,536,000 seconds of 2016 (it’s real—I googled it). I will allow for days of leisure and lethargy without feeling unaccomplished or lazy.


 5. Wash my face and remove my makeup every night.

Not the loftiest resolution, but it just feels like such an adult thing to do, and it’s so great for your complexion :)




These are my top resolutions for 2016, but as always, I look to other women for inspiration, and I found nothing less when I asked other CityMoms what they resolve to do in 2016. I hope they inspire and motivate you, as they did for me.

“To shop local more.”
Christi, Mooresville

“Make time for fitness.”
Bryna, Whitestown

“I do a project goal for the year. In 2016, I plan to sort, edit, and back up all of the pics on my computer, in addition to getting caught up on our yearly photo albums and improving my Photoshop skills!”
Bekky, Carmel

“To be more in the present and to be kind. Volunteer more. To remember that I don't have to be perfect, but that I can work on being a better version of myself. Smile more, laugh more, and to be silly with my kids more. Oh, and to stop squishing spiders. They can't help it that they creep me out. I'll put them outside.”
Danielle, Fishers

“Allow 30 minutes for fitness each day...I use laundry and other tasks as an excuse to put it off.”
Sarah, Indianapolis

“To remember to take better care of myself. That a healthier me (mind & body) is better for everyone. Committing to the workouts I have blocked time for but find excuses not to go, staying better organized in the important aspects of life, and to be present more and try not to be so concerned with controlling the situation (this may be the hardest one!). I want to enjoy life and not weigh myself down with things that are currently negative and are not completely in my control.”
Jenn, Fishers

“I will not buy clothes because I have too many. I will spend less on food. In doing so, I will pay off a student loan and credit card.”
Joli, Indianapolis

“Maintain the communication and happiness in my marriage. Try to be a better, more patient, more kind mother.”
Clare, Beech Grove

“I will focus on my husband and boys and less on the family who does not live in my house.”
Joanna, Indianapolis

“Become a financial grown-up...make a will, start and stick to a budget, and start college savings.”
Jen, Fishers

“Begin our adoption process!”
LEA, Fishers


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