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It is hard to believe that this CityMom ever described herself as shy considering that she now serves as the voice for The Riley Children’s Foundation and performs regularly in local musical theater. Trisha Shepherd had her first solo performance as a munchkin kid in a local production of Wizard of Oz, and from that point forward she was “absolutely hooked”. She developed her voice and has been using it proudly ever since.


Mom to three busy children—Calvin, 13; Clara, 10; and Daisy May, 6—Trisha is always on the move. “My life is very busy. It’s nonstop, but I’m not complaining”. Trisha is used to being busy. Before serving in her current role at Riley, Trisha worked for many years as a news anchor. Although she was incredibly successful, Trisha struggled with the demands her career put on her family. She grew tired of missing evenings with her family and the rigidity of her schedule. So, she decided to make a change and leave her career. The transition was big and at times scary, but from it came exciting opportunities. Trisha published Know When To Run last Summer, which chronicles her struggle with and decision to leave her job as a news anchor. 

Trisha is enjoying this new chapter in her life as a busy professional, but one who finally gets to spend lots of quality time with her children. Her son plays on a traveling baseball team, which can be quite demanding, and she is adjusting to life as a single parent. Trisha says she is learning to be humble and ask for help when she needs it and recognize that she doesn’t have to do everything.


Her job as the Lead Storyteller for the Riley Children’s Foundation is right up her alley. It is journalism at the core, according to Trisha, and she has “the best stories to tell.” Another great perk of her job is the flexibility that allows her to attend her son’s baseball games, freelance for Indy’s Child magazine, and to participate in her other love: musical theater. Trisha is currently rehearsing for the show Billy Elliot in which she plays Bill’s dead mother. The show will be performed at Marian University. Trisha tries to perform in at least one show a year, and now her daughters are getting involved, making it a family affair.


Trisha describes her personal mom style as laid back. She said, “I embrace going for it and doing what you love even when it’s challenging.” She is not afraid of a little mess and chaos. She recently threw her daughter’s birthday party on Mother’s Day, which is emblematic of her relaxed and whimsical parenting style. She said it was the only day where there weren’t a dozen other plans already, so she figured why not? She doesn’t like to overthink things.

Trisha has enjoyed her involvement with theCityMoms. She likes that the group can be “as much or as little as you want it to be.” She appreciates that she can meet such a variety of people and “network with supportive women”. She has especially enjoyed practicing her Spanish with certain members of the group and meeting people that she wouldn’t ordinarily cross paths with in her daily life.

What does the future hold for Trisha? She would like to publish another book. She will continue to tell the touching and emotional stories about the amazing work being done at Riley Hospital, and she will embrace the business of being a single mother to three busy children. She said, “Enjoy what you have even if it’s simple.”

And now for the important questions…

Q) What five items would you bring to a desert island?

1. Piano

2. Mini Mexican restaurant

3. Good wine

4. Her kids

5. A hammock

Q) What is currently playing on your ITunes right now?

The Billy Elliot soundtrack, in particular “The Letter”

Q) What are you currently reading?

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Q) What is a fond recent mom memory?

Throwing a Mother’s day birthday party for my six year old daughter. It was the only free day ;) My 10 year old made me a bouquet of flowers from her last show. They were wilting and near death, but the gesture was so sweet.


Q) What has been a cringe-worthy moment lately?

Her son texted her saying he urgently needed a specific piece of masculine sports equipment. She rushed to bring it to him in the middle of a muddy field. She is sure he was mortified.

Q) What is your guilty pleasure?

“It’s awful, but watching “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” with some friends and some wine.”


Stay tuned next month to see which CityMom Trisha thinks you should know!


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