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Meet Desta Ntamere, September's Mom of the Month. Mother to three boys, owner of Ntamere Lifestyle Management, LLC,  and overall amazing woman! She took some time out of her very busy schedule to answer some questions for us.



You are raising three sons and running your own business. What's your secret to doing it all?

The secret is, my house is not clean, my kids--Deshawn, 11; Makai, 7; and Dean, 2.5--eat lots of chicken nuggets and hot dogs, and they don’t get to participate in every sport and activity that they would like to, AND I’m not able to put as much effort and time into my business as I would sometimes like.  I often feel like I’m just ok at everything I’m doing, and that’s ok for now (I have to convince my perfectionist self of this often!)  This is a season of life, and I try to enjoy it as much as possible…even though there are some really difficult days, there are so really great days too! 


What is your personal design style?

My personal style is very eclectic.  Generally, I love mid-century modern.  But I also like to mix in antiques, rustic pieces, and fun modern fabrics. 


What would your dream project look like?

My dream project would be working with someone who appreciates quality and beauty, and is open to letting me design the whole space.  A whole house that needs to be filled with furniture, lighting and accessories! 


How would you describe your Mom style?

Ha, trying to survive :)

I am a nurturer, and I try to be a good role model of our Christian faith, forgiveness, understanding, love, respect, and kindness.    


When you aren't rocking motherhood or entrepreneurship, what do you like to do to unwind?

Dance!  We have family dance parties, my husband and I make dance videos, and I love going out to dance. I also love to read, watch TV and movies: funny, romantic, frivolous…anything that can lift my mood.  


Why have you enjoyed your involvement with theCityMoms? What are your favorite activities to do? 

I am a true introvert and find it hard to make friends.  theCityMoms gives me lots of opportunities to socialize and get girl time (since I’m surrounded by boys all the time!).  I love having a group of women who just get it.  Most likely there is someone in the group who has gone through anything that I’m experiencing. 

 I love the MNO’s!  We also enjoy the family movies.  And of course my Mompreneurs!


And now for the important questions...

What five items would you bring to a desert island? 

My husband, chocolate, my phone, coca cola, sun screen

What are you reading right now? 

A Bible study about finding joy

What's the weirdest thing in your purse? 

A diaper?

What is your best recent mom memory? 

My middle son just told me that I’m the “best mom ever” for fixing waffles for dinner :)

What is your guilty pleasure? 

The Bachelor



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Desta Ntamere

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