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The night before my second daughter Olive decided to make her debut I was finally finished.  The nursery that had taken me 6+ months to finish, mostly because I’m too picky, was finished enough.  And by enough, I mean enough that I hopefully won’t change anything anytime soon. I need a break.

I scoured the internet for the perfect rocker, only to find it in Cincinnati and then get outbid.  I scoured the internet for the perfect rug, only to find it and then go to buy it and be too late, and then it was no longer available.  I scoured the internet for the perfect sheets, only to get them and instead of being pink, they were peach.  This was the story of Olive’s nursery.



I am what I like to refer to as a Craigslister.  This means I check it for certain searches DAILY.  You have to do this when you are searching and buying used.  Same goes for thrift stores…you have to stay on top of their inventory because it’s always changing.  I had decided I wanted a Mid Century Modern chair and dresser for her room, so the best places to find these types of pieces were antique stores, flea markets, and online selling sites.  And let’s be honest, old pieces were typically built better and I wanted pieces that could grow with her.

We had a crib from Ella so we planned to use it.  It had a modern feel and it was also called the “Olivia” Crib so it was fitting name wise.  Other than that, we needed all “new” furniture for the room because the pieces from Ella’s nursery went with her to her big girl room.  

I always start creating rooms on OlioBoard.  It’s a free moodboard program you can sign up for.  You can upload your own pieces or use theirs - I do both.  Here was my inspiration board.  I was going for a Modern Boho look and wanted to keep it plain and simple. nursery_board.jpg 

From mood board to real life… 

The funny thing is I bought that chair, which was the last main piece, on Friday, sat in it Friday night until about 10:30pm, and then headed to the hospital around 2:30am Saturday morning.  Olive was born at 3:15am, and she loves to lay in her crib when I’m putting clothes away or just picking up.  She seems so calm in there which was the goal…


The room is an awkward square so it feels extra small if any of the pieces seem bulky.  The clean lines of the Modern pieces seems to help keep the room light, airy, and roomy.  Remember to pick pieces that FIT your room.  Don’t go with a bulky glider just because you need a glider.  Don’t be afraid to try things that go against the grain.  I ended up with just a chair in this room and am ok with it (mostly because it looks good!).  


You might remember I DIY’d those wooden beads for her nursery.  I also did a couple other DIYs in there, too -- shelving and mobile which I’m hoping to tutorial on my personal blog soon!

So there you have it… Olive’s Nursery.  And so far everything is working out perfectly.  I can’t wait to see how it evolves over these first 12 months… I’m known to resell and rearrange.  Haha.



:: Crib - Wal-Mart, similar ::  Rug - World Market  :: Chair - World Market  :: Dresser - Craigslist ::

:: Wood Bead Garland - DIY’d ::  Pom Garland - Hobby Lobby :: Canopy - World Market ::  

:: Art - simliar picks ::  Shelf - DIY’d :: Faux Fur Rug - IKEA :: Baskets - Home Goods, simliar ::

:: Blush Pillows - World Market ::  Mobile - DIY’d :: Mirror - Had, similar::



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