Member Dues


Please review our Member Dues policies carefully. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! 


• Membership dues are $25 Annually 

• Per our Member Policies, dues are to be paid at the time of signup. Our group's aim is for members to be ACTIVE. We invite you to attend your first event within 1 month of joining, to be sure our group is for you. Within your first 30 days you may cancel your membership and receive any dues paid in that 30 days refunded to you. Dues paid after 30 days of joining are non-refundable. 

• For active members, dues will be collected on an annual basis via Paypal on your join date anniversary.

• We prefer members pay dues via the Member Hub utilizing Paypal. This is the easiest way to ensure we are tracking our paid members. 

• If you do not have a Paypal account - no worries. Please contact a member of the tCM Organizer Team for an offline payment arrangement.

We wish to be open with our members about how dues payments + sponsorship funds are spent. Effective in 2014, the following is how all monies will be allocated:


  • Member Events = 40% {ex. Holiday party, family picnic, infant massage classes - ANY budget remaining in the year will be allocated here!}
  • Marketing/Promotions = 17.5% {Giveaways, printing, etc}
  • Business/Operations = 15% { site fees, etc}
  • Sponsorships = 12.5% {ex: Great Latch On, Birth Without Fear Rally}
  • Discretionary = 10% {New mom gifts, dues waivers}
  • Charitable Contribution = 5% {Adopted Christmas family, community service project supplies, etc.}

PLEASE NOTE: We have a small number of Membership Dues Waivers available each year. If you would like to discuss this option for you, please contact a member of the Organizer Team by emailing: All conversations will be kept confidential.