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Melanie is the mom of two boys and enjoys working as a Freelance Marketing Manager. She loves reading, hiking, exploring Indy and renovating her house with her husband Michael. Her favorite family hangouts include the Central Library, Holliday Park, and Bongo Boy Music School. She drinks iced tea by the gallon and makes constant Mad Men references. Follow her on Twitter @mel_allen.

How to Navigate The Children's Museum Like a Ninja

Guys. We are seriously lucky. We get to raise our kids in the same city as the best children's museum in the country It's also the biggest children's museum in the country. And that can feel a bit overwhelming for a helicopter mom with a giant stroller and a ceaseless need for Starbucks (is that just me? Oh... ok)

We're beginning our fourth year as Children's Museum members and visit about once a month. I fancy myself a pro at getting the most out of every visit. Here's how to wiggle your way around the best and biggest children's museum like the mom ninja you are. 


Before you go

There are two different schools of thought when it comes to the perfect time of day to arrive at the museum. The obvious first choice is to get there at 9:55 and open the place up. This is what most people do because it correlates with the early afternoon nap time. You know what else it correlates with? FIELD TRIPPERS. I like to go around 2:00 (when the big kids and their chaperons are long gone) and stay until closing time. This works well for me because my oldest no longer naps and I could care less what time of day my two-year-old naps (#SecondChildSyndrome). 

 The food from the food court is the bomb, but it's pricey. If your kids are anything like mine, they eat three bites of lunch and are ready to sprint to the Dinosphere. I always pack lunch for the kids and buy lunch for myself. (They have awesome wraps and salads, but my fave is the black bean burger.) My kids are thrilled to have their usual PBJ while I appreciate a good meal (that goes in my mouth and not in the trash). 

Leave the DSLR at home. Look, photography is great and everyone wants amazing memories of their child exploring the Museum. But don't be THAT mom who is holding up the line at the TMNT pizza thrower thing because you have to take 30+ pictures (with different settings, natch) of your kid. Snap one with your iPhone and move on.


The parking garage is huge and offers tons of covered parking. The walkway is on the 3rd floor of the parking garage, so park near there if you can find a spot. If the weather is nice, go for the ground parking just north of the Museum. Taking that route gives you a cool view of the dinosaurs climbing through the entry as well as the stone sculptures of major landmarks from all over the world. 



Keep your coat in your car unless the temps are crazy cold. Can't bear to walk the ramp in just a sweater? Take advantage of the lockers just east of the lobby. If you have a stroller, you can always store coats in there instead... you know, if you don't care if there is room for your kid. 

Don't rush through the lobby. Aside from the massive Bumblebee and dinosaurs, there are always cool mini-exhibits that change regularly. The staff members that greet museum goers are often dressed as characters coordinating with the newest exhibit (like April from TMNT and Beauty and the Beast's Belle from the Pirates and Princesses exhibit). Museum mascot Rex is usually there giving high fives and fist bumps, too! 

Grab a map. Even if you know the place inside and out, the maps are updated regularly and feature detailed info about the new and changing exhibits. 


Where to start? 

If you get there right at 10am, consider heading straight to the top or directly to Playscape (where there are no field trippers - whoot whoot!). Most visitors start in the Dinosphere or beeline it to whatever the newest exhibit is on the second floor. However, if you see a short line at the Chocolate Slide/Jolly Days Slide, take advantage! I repeat: TAKE ADVANTAGE! We usually skip this because the line gets so, so long and my kids just don't have the patience (and neither do I). 


Then what? 

Don't be afraid to check out an exhibit that is geared toward bigger or littler kids (with the exception of Playscape, which is for kids five and under). My kids are five and two and they love love love ScienceWorks and Treasures of the Earth, both of which are geared toward school-age kids. All the exhibits have hands-on features and are even exciting for the parents. 

The Museum staff and volunteers are amazing. They know so many cool facts and stories that you wouldn't necessarily be privy to unless you engage with them. Chat up the paleontologists working in the lab. Ask questions of the volunteers outside of ScienceWorks. Your kids will be mesmerized to talk to real-life scientists and you'll learn something, too! 

The carousel (located of the fourth floor) is an absolute must. It's majestic, beautiful and an important part of Indianapolis history. It was once an attraction at Broad Ripple Park! The staff goes above and beyond to make the ride fun and engaging for the kids. 

The lower level is my favorite and what you'd consider the "classic" Children's Museum exhibits. My kids would be content if the only two exhibits they saw were Dinosphere and All Aboard! They've seen them countless times and never tire of them. They've been a mainstay at the Museum for-ev-er and there's good reason for that. 


Time to Split: 

It's easy to run right past the gift shop to avoid the "oooooh, can I get this? How about this? But I neeeeeeed that!" from your kids. I get it. But the gift shop is actually one of the most hands on parts of the Museum! It's filled with train and activity tables that feature Magformers, Zoobs, that squishy sand stuff that claims not to make a mess, and so much more. My kids love it and I usually can get outta there without buying anything. 

At the top of the ramp lies the InfoZone, which I consider my secret Museum cavern. It's part of the Indianapolis Public Library and is an easy way to drop off those overdue books and pick up new materials featuring museum subject matter (dinosaurs, trains, China, and tons more). I like to get a bag of books and take a bathroom break before heading home. 



Other hacks: 

Splurge on the +2 membership, which covers everyone in your house plus two guests. All the marketing the Museum does is true. It pays for itself during the second visit. 

Worried about losing your kid? Have your little ones keep one of your business cards (or a mommy card - in their pocket. My five year old knows to show the card to another mom and say, "Can you call my mom?" Thankfully, we've never had to use it, but I feel better knowing we have a plan.

Nursing at the Museum is a breeze. They have dedicated nursing rooms within Playscape that are like the Beyonce of nursing rooms (we're talking dimmer lights, glider chairs, and TVs playing Sesame Street to occupy big sibs). Two other quiet, semi-private places to nurse include the Big, Bad, and Bizarre extension of the Dinosphere and the Power of Children exhibit. 

Have questions? Send a tweet to @TCMIndy. They are awesome at responding and are a wealth of knowledge. 

Oh, and there's a Starbucks to your immediate left after you check in to the museum. Cheers! 

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We Wish You a Hoosier Christmas
Celebration Crossing at The Indiana State Museum!
As we head into our 200th year of Statehood, is there any better place to celebrate the holidays than at the Indiana State Museum? My kids and I were lucky enough to check out the ISM Celebration Crossing extravaganza on its opening day last week! Here are our five can't miss features! 
1. Trains, trains, trains - My one year old is absolutely crazy about trains and Celebration Crossing provided so much for him to see. The ride on the Santa Express on the third floor (across from Rad Science, natch) was definitely the highlight for my littlest guy. Bonus: Mama fit in the train, too! Choo choo! 
2. Awesome arcade - My four year old is on the cusp of video game fandom, so he naturally went bananas for the Retro Arcade. There were countless games from Pac-Man to Golden Tee to Tekken all included in the $7 admission fee. That's right - no coins! Just one flat fee to play as many games, as many times as you want. 
3. Santa's super spot - Kids can kick it (and mom can sit down and post a pic of two to Instagram!) in the Santa's Playground area. This giant room is filled with toys galore - Legos and Mega Blocks, large foam blocks, board games, art projects - you name it! It was the perfect place for us to wind down after lunch. Pro tip: there are TWO family bathrooms in Santa's Playground. A must for when you've gotta drag the whole stroller with you for a diaper change. 
4. Decor dream - ok, ok... so maybe this is my favorite, rather than the kids, but can you blame me for being in awe of the way ISM has been decorated for Celebration Crossing? There are gorgeous trees and garlands around every corner to compliment the beautiful town and cityscapes decked out in all their holiday glory. It's truly a sight to behold! 
5. The man himself - for Celebration Crossing's opening day, Santa arrived on the ISM front lawn in a helicopter! Talk about style. From there, he headed into the Museum to take his post in Santa's House. Here he's meeting the good boys and girls of Indianapolis to listen to their Christmas wishes and, of course, pose for a picture. 
The other exhibits of the Museum are still open during this time and are not to be missed. Take a chance to share Indiana's history with your little ones and instill some Hoosier State pride. No doubt you'll all want to come back! 
The Celebration Crossing exhibit is open through January 3rd. 
Adult museum admission is $13; child admission is $8.50; members free.
Admission to the arcade is $7 plus general admission, $10 without museum admission and $7 for museum members. 
Visit for more information!
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4 Hair-DOs From An Industry Insider
#insidertips | #hairDOs | #notyourmomshair
As the mama of a rowdy 3 year old and a brand new baby, I know that getting ready can be a
total hassle. We all do! But with a little know-how and the right products, looking your best can be a breeze. So skip the ponytail and try one of these easy (no, seriously!) looks instead.

Wavy Lady

This staple style goes far beyond the summer months and works for a variety of hair lengths and textures. Check out Holly Sample’s bob-length waves and a longer style on your

If you already have a natural wave or curl, simply let hair air dry and lightly scrunch with
hairspray. My fave? Bain de Terre Passion Flower Color Brightening Finishing Spray (it smells like a dream, locks in your style AND is a great deal!) 

If your hair is stick straight, try a curl enhancing product like AG Hair Beach Bomb. Simply work through your hair and blowdry with a diffuser (also known as that weird prong attachment that came with your blow dryer!)

Play It Straight

Mama April Dawn’s best hair day is super straight and smooth. No matter your hair type, you’re going to need a straightener for this one, but protecting hair from heat damage is key! Start by spraying a heat protectant like Healthy Sexy Hair Flat Iron Spray throughout hair after blow drying. Straighten hair in two-inch
sections and let cool. 
Fun fact heat softens the hair, making it easier to manipulate to your desired look. Cool air sets the style. Always let hair cool after styling!
Finish this style with a product to add shine. I love Sebastian Shine Define because it’s light and doesn’t weigh hair down the way some shine serums do.

Go For Glam

 Ok, ok… so this one isn’t quite as easy. But if you have a fun night out planned, carve out a little extra time to create a style that will have you looking and feeling your very best. CityMoms Marcie, Stacey & Jeanine all look so, so gorgeous!
When volume and hold are key, start your style with a whip or a mousse 
I know what you’re thinking… “mousse?! who uses mousse?!” But it works!
Apply an egg size dollop of mousse to your palms and work through from root to tip. Try Big Sexy Hair Big
Attitude Bodifying Mousse
, which truly lives up to its name! Blow dry using a round brush and let cool. Use a curling iron or wand to create your desired look for
an old Hollywood look like Marcie, try a tool with a 1 ¼ inch barrel. For a tighter curl like Stacey’s,
try a barrel that’s ¾ to 1 inch. And for a wide curl at the ends of your hair like Jeanine, get the
biggest barrel you can find! A 1 ½ to 2 inch barrel works well here. Finish your style with a heavy
duty hairspray like Paul Mitchell Hold Me Tight Finishing Spray.

Blowout Babe

The easiest style of all...when someone else does it! 
Head to CityMom FAVORITE salon The Beauty Lounge or a blowout bar like Carmel’s Do-Tique. Treat yourself to a session with one of the stylists behind the incredible styles on Ashley and Michelle. 
Stretch your blowout a couple extra days by covering with a shower cap while showering and spraying your roots with a dry shampoo like Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! .

What is your go-to style? Tell us about your styling tips!

Who is your favorite go-to stylist?

Come on, dish with us! We are all girlfriends here.

Opinions expressed in this post are that of the author. theCityMoms are not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in the post.*
*The Beauty Lounge is tCM sponsor but did not compensate us for the link contained.
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