Me Time During the Holidays


If your calendar is anything like mine, the month of December is full of fun festivities. But as a mom, I know who will be racing around organizing, planning and transporting kids to all of these activities and, frankly, it just makes me want to lie down and take a big ole nap!

It’s important as the holidays get underway to remember to make a little “me time” for yourself every day. Some of you may be laughing at me right now thinking “yeah, right, every day!?” But I assure you even taking 10 minutes to yourself can help recharge those batteries so you can dart out the door to the next fun thing you have planned.

Here are some of my favorite ways to get a little “me time” during the day:

 1.    Power Nap.

This one does take a little bit of planning, but it can be done! For me, 20 minutes and I’m as good as new! I put the baby down for a nap, the kindergartner in front of the TV and the puppy in her crate. Don’t feel bad about taking advantage of this time. A well-rested mom is a better mom!

 2.    Read a book.

We are members of our local YMCA. They have a family play room where the kids can play. They have tables where you can sit and relax while your kids burn off some steam! Or you can take them to child watch and sit out in the atrium and read your book completely kid free while you’re on the property for up to 2 hours! Reading a book not your thing? Bring a cup of coffee and some tunes and just relax for a bit. Some Y’s are also offering opportunities to drop your kids off while you do your holiday shopping!

 3.    Exercise!

Take advantage of that gym membership and get a work out in! It’s a great way to get some “me time” and work on improving your health! I love it when I can kill two birds with one stone. J

 4.    Get a massage.

I’m a huge believer in necessary pampering. If you don’t make the time to take care of yourself, who will? I love a great massage. If it’s too difficult to find someone to watch the kids and schedule an appointment, I sometimes use the app Soothe. It’s an in-home massage delivered to you! You schedule a massage therapist to come to your home! You can use the same technique in the power nap and have your massage in the other room. Or you can wait until your spouse gets home and have him watch the kids while you relax without having to leave the house!


Tell us some ways you fit in some “me time” for yourself!


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A lover of naps, Nordstrom and necessary pampering, Heather is also a passionate storyteller. The self-proclaimed Queen of Words spent her pre-baby days as a TV news producer. Now a mother of two independent little ladies, Heather’s desire to tell stories has lead her to publish her first children’s book “Caroline Girls” based on her own little Caroline. Baby Kate is proving to have quite a dynamic personality and will likely inspire future stories.

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