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Marcie is a hard-working mom of two who believes that all mothers can feel great & look great while doing-it-all. She is a stylist for Los Angeles based fashion house CAbi and is the owner of Easy Breezy Fashionista. Marcie has moved far away to Tampa, Florida; now you can find her blogging at Tampa Bay Moms Blog
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A Letter To My Soon To Be Kindergartener
Dear Max:
This morning as I said good byes at your preschool, I got really choked up as I turned towards the door and looked back.  My heart lurched in my chest andI saw you graduating high school, headed off to college – it all FLASHED before my eyes like a lightning strike into your future. After you kissed my lips and squeezed my neck, you went about your day like a grown up.  You have things to do, a place to be, friends to catch up with after a long weekend with your parents.  You are literally growing up RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE second by second.  And, I have to walk away from you and the next time we see each other {only 8 hours from now}, you’ll be MORE grown up than when I left today.

On my way out, I stopped to chat with your teacher and I told her how I was feeling, and she said that even after dropping off her youngest of 6 kids to Kindergarten, she bolted from the building with tears in her eyes.  She said she cried all day and that the tears never seemed to stop.  

As I sit here typing this letter to you Max, the tears are pouring from my face and I have 4 months until that fateful day where you go off to your first day of “real school”, where your academic journey begins and independence takes over.  No more walking you to your mini-locker and tucking away your stuffed snake.  No more squeezes or gentle kisses and me saying You’re the bomb and you saying in perfectly timed response dot com at the blue line before I exit the building.  No more Hey mom with a wave and air blown kiss from your lips.  What happened to the years between 9/1/09 and today? I blinked.  

You became a soon-to-be-Kindergartener.  And YOU are ready. YOU want to ride the big yellow bus and get a new backpack and stuff it full of “real homework”.  YOU are rockin’ the things you need to know before you hit the Big K.  You have mastered talents and skills I had no idea you knew until you are showing off to your friends on a Saturday afternoon.  You are kind, funny, polite, suuuuuper smart, CONFIDENT and absolutely amazing.  I made you but YOU got yourself to this place of readiness to climb onto the bus and make new friends, learn new things and become a better, stronger version of yourself. 

In these last fleeting moments of slow rush-free mornings, I really try to remember that enjoying you and watching you grow up is my pleasure. 

"You have made me the mother I am in this moment - on this day. I don't recognize myself sometimes but you make me more relevant."
It is to my benefit to embrace the change and grow WITH you.  From a tired, questioning-my -faith infant mom to a toddler tantrum-hating mom to a I-could-not-be-prouder-of-you-than-I am-today Mom, we got here together.  We are a team and we are both going to have to pull up our big kid undies and get excited for this major life moment.

You have made me the mother I am in this moment – on this day.  I don’t recognize myself sometimes but you make me more relevant.  I am more visible because of you.  I appreciate each day a little more because you are in it.  You make it easier to get up in the morning and go, so I can see you at the end of the day.  You teach me how the world works.  

That first day will cause tears to flow and make-up stained eyes to get red, and I may not leave the front porch until you get back off the bus; I cannot wait for you to tell me ALL about your new experiences and journey. So while that first day in August will be hard.  {After all, it’s the unknown that is scary and you have already taught me to be unafraid,} it is also going to be epic and profound and hard and life-altering for all of us and THAT is OK.  That’s how it is SUPPOSED to be.  I cannot wait to KNOW more than I do in this moment and for you to show me the way.  
I love you Max. Cheers to kindergarten. Love, Mom
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Really. Simple. Very. Powerful.
I need to talk to you.  It’s important.  I mean – really really important.  It’s about yourtimemy time, our time together and it’s about being nice, respectful, considerate andthoughtful.  It’s about so much more than saying “yes”.  It’s about saying “no” and also just about being honest with yourself, me and others about this time that we have all set aside to be in the same room doing the same thing.  


I want to implore you, my friends and fellow mamas, to RSVP.  I am not saying, “SAY YES” when I ask you to send in a note of response. 
I am just asking you to please just saySOMETHING and then ….oh wait...

Mean it.  Stick to it and please – do give it your best go – to update or change your RSVP in a reasonable amount of time to adjust for food, drinks and accommodate others to attend in your place if it’s a limited event. 

The art of the RSVP has been forgotten in recent decades, but doesn’t it seem like the right time to bring it back?
I am in a place in my life where I finally understand the value of responding to a wedding, shower, party, mom’s night out, or even a coffee date in a timely manner. It has taken me a few years – maybe all my years – to really GET this through my skull.  I have come to realize that many of us just take for granted that if we don’t respond, we most certainly aren’t coming.However, then there are those occasions, where people just show up without RSVPing. How odd, I think that this seems to be OK to do!  It’s not, by the way! Especially when reservations are made, favors are accounted for, food and drinks are served and hosts have prepped for days.

image1.pngcc license with attribution to theCityMoms LLC

The point is this -- it’s an invitation – not a proclamation -- that you must attend.  A simple “accept” or “decline”.  This is what I most want to share.  It is an honor to be included; to be asked especially for a wedding, birthday party or shower.

  If we consider this a blessing to be included on a guest list and not a stressful “oh my gosh…I cannot believe someone else wants me to attend one more thing” moment, you may blow your own mind in giving this invite the time it deserves.  

You may feel good about being invited by your friend, co-worker, fellow mama, new acquaintance, husband’s family.  If we begin to react differently to invitations, it could change the relationship with that person in a very positive way.  

Sharing in an event with others means someone thoughtfully wants to be in your presence, connect and catch up with you.  I know…..I know,  what you are thinking!   With the world of Facebook events* and Evites* floating through your email account, it may not feel special; but if you consider each invitation as someone who really does want to see you, get to know you and share their life with you; it may help you view the invitation as an opportunity to:

        Make new friends!
         Reconnect with old friends!
       Discover something interesting!
         Have fun!
     Get outside your comfort zone!

*and well, we have all learned how to tell genuine invites from a mass mailer, so stop making excuses* 

The art of RSVPing may have skipped a few generations, but it is not lost forever.
Let’s begin learning about 'it' and pass that knowledge on to our little ones. 
Honestly, the sky is the limit IF you say “yes!” But you don’t have to accept.  I promise…this is not what this is about.  I would encourage you to consider the invitation as – just that – invitingyou and asking for your presence; not demanding it.  Simply consider the date and time andthoughtfully accept or decline.  If something changes, let the host know so they can make arrangements accordingly.  There are a few highlighted words above that read thoughtfully let the host know when strung together. It is really that simple. Really!

No matter what the event is – whether it’s a CityMom MNO, PLAYgroup or MOMpreneur luncheon, another in home social selling party, a bridal shower or a 4th birthday invite from the mom at school you haven’t met – simply & thoughtfully respond. How powerful is that?

It’s truly the meaning of RSVP and the {right} nice thing to do.
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Learning From The Best: Never Lose Your Awesome!
#slowdown | #payattention | #askquestions | #tCMparenting
In the last two years, I have taken great strides to being more engaged with my kiddos.  It’s not always easy and I often fail at the task; but this past July, I was able to quit my full time job as a destination wedding planner and began pursuing another passion of mine in a more serious capacity.  Helping women build a wardrobe, feel fabulous and gain confidence through finding clothes that fit.  It requires a very open mind, loving heart and passion to serve women.  I never thought in 1,000,000 years I would be spending my evenings fitting women into a great pair of denim or that I would reduce my daytime working hours to 20 a week. And, while I love to work, I realized I was missing SOMETHING and it was time with my children.  They grow up so fast and although I have learned a lot from this new career path; nothing compares to what I learn daily from the amazing time I am spending with Max and Jude.  
It’s not always easy and I often fail at the task...
It has been enlightening in many ways to stay at home four days in a row with them.  We have our ups and downs but through it all, they are constantly giving me grace, forgiveness and showing me love through their actions and many times direct words that get to the heart of my brain.  When I am paying 100% attention to my littles and what is on their mind, I hear so much more than just the words coming out of their mouth but this dyer need to share it with me. 

They are inspirational through their conversation, honest in their thoughts, passionate about their feelings.  They are incredibly considerate and welcoming to others.  There is no judgment even after I may have yelled too loudly or spoken too harshly.  When I say, “I’m so sorry,” they forgive quickly.  They accept my imperfections without question.  They are not jaded {yet}.
Syd Ryan is my founder at CAbi, {the company I work for} and she gave a speech that really got me thinking about myself and the children I am raising.  She said that eventually they lose their “awesome”.  As adults, most of us already have.  We lost it along the way to “growing up”.  It’s incredibly sad to think about, but it’s so true.  Somewhere during the journey to today, we started judging others, worrying about what others think of us, assuming something about someone else without finding out more and we pass that no so awesome stuff onto our children.  It’s easy to look at someone and think you know who they are, what they are thinking and what kind of life they have. We all know we should not do it, but we do.  We all say “I am not trying to judge, but…” 

Two people, I know who don’t do this, are my son and daughter.  What I love about watching Max and Jude play at the YMCA is that no matter who is there, they are an automatic friends as soon as their shoes are off.  They don’t look that child up and down and decide to not be his/her friend based on age, color, race, clothes he/she wears or even whether the child is a he/she.  They just see someone who is has a WILLINGNESS to explore and imagine the play structure is full of snakes and rhinos that might “get them” so they have an excuse to chase each other around it screeching at the top of their lungs.  This willingness to play without question and take on the role as a best friend for those 20 short minutes is like pure magic.  It is without question the coolest thing about my kids. They are both so full of awesome.  They are unconditionally welcoming and unquestionably nonjudgmental.

My mini-mes are teaching me each day to slow down, pay more attention, ask more questions and they encourage me to be more like them.  I don’t always do the right thing as a mom.  I make a lot of mistakes but I know one thing.  I am going to do everything I can to make sure they don’t lose their AWESOME.
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Our Top picks For UNFREAKY Fabulous Halloween Fun
#tCMHalloween | #fabulousfun | #UNfreaky | #halloween2014
The weather is cooling and the leaves are changing. Stores are full of candy to delight your many tastebuds and baking up some pumpkin cookies is clouding thoughts of mamas doing laundry instead.  Fall is here and one of our favorite holidays is upon us.  Who doesn't love celebrating this beautiful season with some fabulous Halloween fun?

For those of you with littles not wanting to be scared out of their (your) mind, I wanted to share a few of mine and theCityMoms top picks for UNFREAKY fabulous fun!


The Irvington Historical Halloween Festival runs from Oct. 18-25. The event site boasts, “For over 65 years, the festival has brought together thousands of residents, dozens of neighborhood organizations and countless Eastside businesses in a fun-filled celebration of our heritage and community.”   
From the 5K run, costume contest, parade and street fair to pumpkin carving, story-telling and slightly haunted puppet show, you can indulge your family any way you wish! 

More details:


Recently we were able to experience Waterman’s Farm which was a wonderful treat for us and the kiddos!  They have a fabulous array of incredible fruits and veggies ready for purchase, farm equipment to climb and a hay castle to explore. 
Starting the weekend of 9/27 you will be able to experience their Fall Harvest Festival at both the Raymond Street and Greenwood locations!  Hayrides, Pumpkin Patch, Straw Mountain and Bounce Houses will keep you and your babes entertained!  
Each weekend in October, additional Halloween activities will add to the fun but not to the price of admission! Pumpkin Carving, Pie Eating and Costume Contests will delight and thrill but not scare the pants of anyone!

More Details:


The Indianapolis Children’s Museum is going to be right up your alley for exploration if you are interested in some slightly goosebump-raising fun!  Your munchkins will indulge in “Fright and Delight” with IPL’s Lights On Creepy Carnival (children under 2 are free!), Black Hat Bash for family fantastic dancing and food from local eateries or dine with some dynamic guests at the fabulousFriendly Feast with the Witches. You’ll have a blast this October discovering so many incredible amusements at one of theCityMoms' favorite destinations!

More Details:


Entertainment goes to the next level at the annual Indianapolis Halloween ZooBoo where the family can spoil themselves exploring alongside the animals with Photo Opps, Elephant Pumpkin Smash and the Halloween themed Dolphin Show.  Bring the children dressed up in their favorite costumes or bring out their inner animal with the face-painting stations designed to make their smiles shine!  The animals will definitely be out and about to show off their many traits for your enjoyment! 
More Details:



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Make A Smooth Transition Back To 'School-Time'
#backtoschool2014 | #firstdaypics | #happydance
It’s time to head back to school.  As the weather in Indy takes a sudden turn for the chill, and fall greets us early, nearly all the area schools will be back in session by the end of this week!  The summer has flown by and those long days of running, playing and swimming are ending.   We want to give you some tips on how to make that transition back to “normal” days a little smoother!

Tip 1:  GET ORGANIZED! Prep them each night with a routine and set their expectations for the next day!  You’ll save yourself some drama if you organize their outfit, shoes, glasses, homework, lunch and after school supplies the night before.  For younger kiddos, give them one job to be responsible for while your older children need to take on that “to do” list before bedtime allowing everyone to get mentally prepared for a new day!

Tip 2:  READ BOOKS ABOUT GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!  A few of the mamas in our group decided this was a great way to get their littles excited for the start of their new year.  Kiddos need to know what’s coming.  Some children get very anxious being away from parents, as well as, get scared when they are on their own.  Reading books with their favorite characters going through the same can really alleviate some of that anxiety and allow them to have some idea of what will happen day to day!  This is especially good for kids heading into kindergarten and/or transitioning into a new school system.

Tip 3:  GO TO BED EARLY!  We all know this is the truth.  The more rest, the less stress!  Considering the issue that it stays light until 9 PM, we have to fight it with all of our might.  Get those babes to bed so they can grab at least 8-10 hours at night.  We heard from our mamas that this is KEY to getting everyone off to a great start especially if your chitlins aren’t “morning” people. 

Tip 4:  DECREASE SCREENTIME:  Studies have shown that the less the kiddos spend time with video games, iPads and TV, the more focused they are at school.  The recommendation from Mayo Clinic is 1-2 hours per day maximum.  They comment that you are less likely to experience obesity, irregular sleep, behavioral issues, violence and impaired academic performance.  


TIP 5:  CELEBRATE A NEW SCHOOL YEAR!  Our parents take photos of first days, go out for a special meal after the first week and engage their kiddos each day with questions.  Staying involved and being interested sounds easy but with working parents, sometimes it can be difficult to always be in the know.  Keep the questions coming after school hours, celebrate the successes and encourage even during doubt or disappointment.  It will make everyone’s life easier to keep open lines of communication as they go off and grow up one more year!

Here are some of our members back-to-school photos. 

How do you commemorate the start of a new school year?
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Deconstructing Your Denim...not your pocketbook
#deconstructdenim | #notmomjeans | #denimdiy
Recently CAbi did a deconstructed casual LIGHT denim wash boyfriend jean.  I really wanted a DARK wash, so I pulled out the Blue Moon Indie from Fall '13 and decided to do this on my own. I wanted a classy style.Unlike the massive holes I found all over Pinterest that show a LOT of skin. 
 I took some ideas from my engineering hubby on how to do this.
Gather Your Supplies:
  • Jeans that you never wear or a pair that you are OK throwing away 
  • 6 inch metal Sawzall Blade 
  • Sandpaper 
  • Pair of Small Scissors 
  • Pair of Large Scissors
A lower rise hip hugger with straight legs keeps it "in style"
Sawzall | Scissors | Sandpaper

Get To Work!
  • For knee holes, put your jeans on and sit down.  
  • Mark the spot for a small hole with an ink pen.
  • While wearing use the sandpaper to "rough" up the knee area 
  • Take the pants off
  • Use pin mark and sandpapered knees as a starting point to begin the "hole" process.
Sanded Knees

Uncut White Threads Peeking Through
  • Gently pull the Sawzall Blade, teeth down, across the middle of the sanded knee area.
  • The denim will "ball up" and you'll find there is a lot more of it than you might expect. 
  • Saw ALL the way to the white strands. 
  • STOP so that you do not cut the white threads
  • There is no "perfect" look- make it as big or small as you want, in any shape, whether it's LONG and horizontal or WIDE across the knee.
The important part of using the sawzall blade is to guide it across the jeans until you reach the WHITE thread and NOT go any further to avoid a HUGE hole.

  • DO NOT use SCISSORS to cut a hole before sawing.  You will not get the "worn in" look and risk ending up with a massive hole.
  • Use the SMALL SCISSORS to "clean up" any long threads around the edges. (like trimming a beard)

  • Choose a spot just under the pocket area to create a hole or rough sanded patch.  
  • The sand paper beats up the jean and you can do this in multiple areas including the back pocket to get that roughed up look in several areas on the jeans.
  • Repeat this process in any area of the jean that you want a hole.  I recommend just a few spots - knee, under the pocket on the same leg, a medium hole on the thigh, a rough little spot on the opposite thigh and just below the knee for a classy deconstructed look.

  • Cut the bottoms off the jeans so they are easier to roll.  Use the larger scissors for this. I cut about two inches off my jeans.
Roll Up and Cut
Cut off hem for easy rolling
Look for Areas to distress under the pockets
Under The Pocket

  • Wash & Dry your jeans to "clean up" the holes and continue to wear them out. 
  • Use the small scissors to cut long frays off as needed after each wash.
  • Over time they will fray less and less.

  • Put them on, roll the bottom part of the jean up to just above the ankle. 
  • Pair them back to a cute pair of heels, flats or an easy tank for a casual classy deconstructed boyfriend look!
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