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Do you have a babysitter you love? I didn’t either and it was stressing me out. So I began my search and was completely overwhelmed by the process. I just felt like there had to be an easier way to streamline everything. After hearing and reading countless negative reviews about nation-wide caregiver matching sites with no real presence in Indy, I decided to create Lullaby Sitters.

Lullaby Sitters is a way for parents to connect with potential babysitters and nannies in the Indy area. As a parent member, you’ll have access to sitter and nanny profiles, where you can learn about a sitter’s work experience, educational background, rates, areas she’s willing to travel, and much more. If you find a sitter you’re interested in learning more about, simply send a message through our website to begin the conversation!

I know what you’re thinking… this sounds familiar, right? Well, kinda. Here are three ways Lullaby Sitters is different.

  • Two words: Speed. Sitting. Have you ever heard of Speed Dating? Ya know, where you buzz from seat to seat, chatting with eligible bachelors to see if any of them spark your interest. That’s what we do with babysitters! Our Speed Sitting events allow parents to meet up to twelve sitters at once. You explain what type of care you're looking for, your kids’ ages and interests, and anything else you’d like to share while learning about your potential sitter’s education, background, rates, and more.

  • Lullaby Sitters is exclusive to the Indianapolis-area. You’ll only be meeting sitters nearby.

  • We’ve partnered with Safe Hiring Solutions for our Expanded Criminal History Screenings. This is the same screening teachers are required to have for employment. Only Members will have access to requesting these reports. Think of it as another layer of confidence when making your decision to hire someone.

    For more information on the extended background checks, go to


Here’s how it works:



Ready to get started? Head over to theCityMoms Perks page to get 25% off a Parent membership! Then create your profile, hire your sitter, and enjoy your well-deserved free time! Cheers!



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