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My life as a LEGO-lover + prep for Indianapolis LEGO® KidsFest

LEGO-ad-from-1980s.jpgad found at circa 1980

Blocks. Lincoln logs. Construx. And of course LEGOS. Growing up, our house looked like a fortress for future architects. It all began with this advertisement I spotted as a kid in one of my mom’s Family Circle magazines.

I wanted to BE this girl. This fabulously fun and creative girl who looked nothing like me save the sun-kissed freckles. 

But I remember: I remember the Saturday afternoons making LEGO houses for wayward frogs we’d catch in the yard. {RIP Spotty. Next time we did remember those important air holes in our crudely-constructed frog home.}

I remember the mass of villages and cities we’d build.

I remember watching my brother branch out into LEGO vehicles.

I remember LEGO spaceships.

I even remember traveling from Michigan to the Children’s Museum here in Indianapolis for a special LEGO exhibit they housed in the early 1990s; my first brush with the Circle City.
LEGO® was an important part of our childhood and something I happily and lovingly introduced to my kiddos. It’s a rite of passage as a child: Hand-me-down LEGOS from friends or neighbors {or in my case, a tub my mom saved from the early 1980s}. The perfect building blocks {pun intended} for creating your own collection. By now H & Em have added items from the Star Wars, City and Friends groups too – enough that make an evening stroll through their room downright dangerous. 
We’re fans of the LEGO Store free build on the first Tuesday of every month at Castleton Mall and this mom can recite Every. Single. Line. Of The LEGO Movie


It was earlier this summer when we learned the famed LEGO KidsFest would be making a stop in Indianapolis. I’m not sure whose eyes bugged out of their head in excitement more: Mine or the kids.  Things like “Big Brick Pile,” “Model Museum” and “Race Ramps” already having them asking me if it’s time to go.Daily. Fortunately it’s only a few weeks away, and I already know what our November 7th will be dedicated to. Mommy’s favorite and oldest hobby.


LEGO KidsFest Indiana makes its final stop at the Indianapolis Convention Center Halls I, J & K.
November 7th-9th, 2014
Tickets are $22/adults and $20/kids and assigned to a specific ‘session.’ 
This event has sold out  quickly in other cities. Purchase your tickets here:


One of our lucky readers has a chance to won FOUR (4) tickets to the opening night session of LEGO KidsFest


Winner to be announced on October 17th
Our winner has been announced!
Find out if it was you....

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