GIVEAWAY: Three Acres of Educational Fun At LEGO® KidsFest

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We are enjoying the FALLing temps and talking about....
                NOT scaring the pants off of moms this Halloween.....
                         FESTS.... Indy FamilyFest, LEGO® KidsFest, <insert name>Fest...

                                  We WILL find the cure to stretch marks and stop letting the iPad 
                                                                                                        do the babysitting...
                                               KKBB stands for Braiding AND a HUGE spoiler Alert!!!


Chief Mom Jeanine braved The Children's Museum Creepy Carnivallast week....
Her advice: 
              "Take a brave toddler with you and hold hands tight because this year's haunted 'house' is fun and a little scary!"

                                                                 {read more}

FESTIVALS   Festivals   festivals   FESTivals

This weekend 
Indy FamilyFest is taking place at The Indiana State Fairgrounds.theCityMoms will be there as the 
Mom Squad 
forIndy's Child!

YOU are seeing it here FIRST!!!!
We are giving away TWO (2) FREE ADMISSION passes to one of our lucky readers. 
LEGO KidsFest has been selling out across the country and is coming to Indy Nov. 7th-9th.
Check out OUR contest and try your luck.
'May the odds be ever in your favor'


A moms group {yep, that is us} is currently discussing the topic of stretch marks on their private member forum. Hope is, that by the end of the day, they will have found a cure and the group will now offer 'Stretch Mark Obliteration' as a new member perk. Stay Tuned....   {if you are a member join in | if not just go here}


We had a blast at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang salon at our Mother/Daughter Night Out Braiding Workshop

we used to spend our Friday nights at slumber parties braiding our besties we spend it at a fabulous salonlearning to braid our daughters.

Talk about full circle!!!



CityMom Anna would like to tell you...

"...the monster at the end of the book is Grover."

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