Learning From The Best: Never Lose Your Awesome!

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In the last two years, I have taken great strides to being more engaged with my kiddos.  It’s not always easy and I often fail at the task; but this past July, I was able to quit my full time job as a destination wedding planner and began pursuing another passion of mine in a more serious capacity.  Helping women build a wardrobe, feel fabulous and gain confidence through finding clothes that fit.  It requires a very open mind, loving heart and passion to serve women.  I never thought in 1,000,000 years I would be spending my evenings fitting women into a great pair of denim or that I would reduce my daytime working hours to 20 a week. And, while I love to work, I realized I was missing SOMETHING and it was time with my children.  They grow up so fast and although I have learned a lot from this new career path; nothing compares to what I learn daily from the amazing time I am spending with Max and Jude.  
It’s not always easy and I often fail at the task...
It has been enlightening in many ways to stay at home four days in a row with them.  We have our ups and downs but through it all, they are constantly giving me grace, forgiveness and showing me love through their actions and many times direct words that get to the heart of my brain.  When I am paying 100% attention to my littles and what is on their mind, I hear so much more than just the words coming out of their mouth but this dyer need to share it with me. 

They are inspirational through their conversation, honest in their thoughts, passionate about their feelings.  They are incredibly considerate and welcoming to others.  There is no judgment even after I may have yelled too loudly or spoken too harshly.  When I say, “I’m so sorry,” they forgive quickly.  They accept my imperfections without question.  They are not jaded {yet}.
Syd Ryan is my founder at CAbi, {the company I work for} and she gave a speech that really got me thinking about myself and the children I am raising.  She said that eventually they lose their “awesome”.  As adults, most of us already have.  We lost it along the way to “growing up”.  It’s incredibly sad to think about, but it’s so true.  Somewhere during the journey to today, we started judging others, worrying about what others think of us, assuming something about someone else without finding out more and we pass that no so awesome stuff onto our children.  It’s easy to look at someone and think you know who they are, what they are thinking and what kind of life they have. We all know we should not do it, but we do.  We all say “I am not trying to judge, but…” 

Two people, I know who don’t do this, are my son and daughter.  What I love about watching Max and Jude play at the YMCA is that no matter who is there, they are an automatic friends as soon as their shoes are off.  They don’t look that child up and down and decide to not be his/her friend based on age, color, race, clothes he/she wears or even whether the child is a he/she.  They just see someone who is has a WILLINGNESS to explore and imagine the play structure is full of snakes and rhinos that might “get them” so they have an excuse to chase each other around it screeching at the top of their lungs.  This willingness to play without question and take on the role as a best friend for those 20 short minutes is like pure magic.  It is without question the coolest thing about my kids. They are both so full of awesome.  They are unconditionally welcoming and unquestionably nonjudgmental.

My mini-mes are teaching me each day to slow down, pay more attention, ask more questions and they encourage me to be more like them.  I don’t always do the right thing as a mom.  I make a lot of mistakes but I know one thing.  I am going to do everything I can to make sure they don’t lose their AWESOME.
Marcie is a hard-working mom of two who believes that all mothers can feel great & look great while doing-it-all. She is a stylist for Los Angeles based fashion house CAbi and is the owner of Easy Breezy Fashionista. Marcie has moved far away to Tampa, Florida; now you can find her blogging at Tampa Bay Moms Blog
Follow Marcie on Twitter and Instagram at @ebfashionista.

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