Get Into the Swing at Mini Golf at the IMA


Okay, so I need to admit that I am a little competitive. And by “a little competitive” I mean that one of the most infamous stories in my family is when a ten-year-old me threw the Candy Land board across the room because I lost. I wasn’t allowed to participate in game night for a while. “A little competitive” means that my husband and I decided that for the sake of our marriage we probably shouldn’t play tennis together anymore after one too many rackets were flung in his general direction. What can I say? This girl likes to play, but I like to win even more. So when I was invited to the preview of Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Mini Golf Exhibit with some fellow writers and Moms, I was nervous that I would not handle myself with the composure and dignity I wish to convey to friends. Much to my relief, I was so busy admiring the art and having fun, that I forgot to be completely competitive. Don’t worry, though, I will definitely still brag about my hole-in-one.


Here’s what you need to know:



The Mini Golf course at the IMA “combines art with playful competition” and features 18 holes designed and created by local artists, all honoring Indiana’s distinct history and culture. The course also marks the bicentennial not only of the state of Indiana but also of miniature golf.

Scott Stulen, the curator of the exhibition and IMA’s curator of audience experiences and performance, welcome a preview crowd to the course Thursday evening. He calls the exhibit “a juxtaposition of art exhibition and whimsical sport, offering an engaging experience for the entire family.”




The course is open to the public May 10 through October 30 and is included with general admission to the museum. The course can be found outside on the IMA Alliance Sculpture Court,  just around the corner from the Star Studio. The course will also be open before the summer film series.




This exhibit really is fun for the whole family. Take your significant other for a date night and stay to enjoy the beautiful museum. If you are anything like my husband and I, you will be keeping score.


Take the kids and enjoy a leisurely game. The holes are bright, colorful, and creative, so even if they aren’t destined for the pro circuit, they are sure to enjoy the visual adventure. The exhibit is outside, and it is sturdy, so even young children will probably enjoy the experience. When you are finished, head right inside to the Star Studio and wind down with story time or play with the giant Lite Brite wall.


Don’t Miss:

Every single hole on the 18-hole course is quite literally a work of art, but I had a few favorites:

Vonnegut Doodles-This gorgeous hole recreates the author and Indiana-native’s writing room. A quote from Vonnegut himself is featured as well as a wire sculpture of the artist in profile. It doesn’t hurt that he is one of my all-time favorite writers.

vonnegut2.jpg vonnegut1.jpg

Shadow-Tailed Scourge-Depicting the 1822 “Great Squirrel Invasion” of Indiana (yes, you read that right), this one is just fun. Who doesn’t love huge squirrels, and I can just imagine how much my kids will like this one!


Back Home Again-The beautiful wind chimes make this hole not only visually stunning but also easy on the ears. It almost makes you want to miss to keep hearing those sweet sounds (almost).


Covered Bridges of Indiana-I got a hole-in-one here, so naturally it is the most brilliant hole and my favorite ;)


And lastly…

Lil Golf-Because I am not an Indiana native and apparently because I have been living under a rock, i was not aware of the internet sensation known as Lil BUB. This “magical” cat awaits golfers with open paws and a spectacular rainbow. My daughter is going to lose her mind.


So, gather your friends, your children, your fiercest competitors, and be sure to head over to play a round at IMA. You won’t regret it. I will be there daily until I make the leader board. Kidding, maybe.




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