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This post on the 2015 Indianapolis Dream Cars exhibit includes details specifically geared toward what adult visitors can expect to see and experience - Moms afternoon out? Couples outing? Read on. For more information on what kids will experience at the exhibit, we're spilling all the info over here at Indy's Child Parenting Magazine
Firebird 1; on display at the Indianapolis Museum Of Art until August 23.
I'm from Michigan. Birthplace of the first mass automobile {hellllo Model T} produced. Home to the Motor City. Land of concept cars. Where most everyone knows someone working in the auto industry. Yes, car design, production, pride and well - drive to use a timely pun - is in my blood. 

I am also a mother and art enthusiast.

I tell you all of this so that my next statement has some merit:

The Indianapolis Museum Of Art has knocked the Dream Cars exhibit out of the park.
A 1951 General Motors LE Sabre XP-8: designed by GM great Harley Earl; at the Indianapolis Museum Of Art until August 23.
I wasn't sure what to expect walking in to the IMA on Press Preview Day: Could they live up to my {okay, exceptionally high} expectations when it comes to an auto-centric exhibit? The budding design techniques over the years? The technological advances? 

"As a city who shaped automobiles as we know them, plus as the racing capital of the world, it's our pleasure to bring this exhibit to Indianapolis," Dr. Charles Venable, the IMA Director and CEO spoke before our crowd. "We remember that in the day, technology wasn't what was coming from our cell phones or the Internet, but our automobiles." 

I felt like Dr. Venable was speaking directly at me. The skeptic.

SIDE NOTE: What is a dream car? It's a pet term for a prototype 
- vehicles created to push the ideas of styling, technology, power, design or more. And while a quick search indicates this term was primarily used to describe concept cars in the US around the 1950s-1960s, I had heard it used with affection during my years in the Detroit automotive industry as recently as 2010.

After more statements and a brief ribbon cutting, we stopped to grab handheld audio tour sets, then were let loose into the Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas exhibit. And I quickly ate my skeptic words - er, thoughts.

So until you are able to witness it yourself in person, here's a sneak peek to curb your curiosity:
1936 Stout Scarab; on display at the Indianapolis Museum Of Art until August 23.
The 1936 Stout Scarab was what we now consider the predecessor to the minivan: It seated up to 7 passengers, had a couch in the backseat and  included a fold-out table. 
1934 Voison C-25 Aerodyne; on display at the Indianapolis Museum Of Art until August 23.
The 1934 Voison C-25 Aerodyne is impeccably detailed and was concepted with a new look and feel following the 1929 crash of the stock market.
1956 Buick Centurion; on display at the Indianapolis Museum Of Art until August 23.
This 1956 Buick Centurion is stunning in person and comes with a surprising feature: A rear-mounted camera with a screen inserted into the dashboard. What, did you think your modern car was the only one with a rear camera?!

Me rocking the audio tour headset. Ignore the dark circles under my eyes, mmmkay?
Each stop in the exhibit comes equipped with a large informational billboard, select designer sketches and a number for your audio tour device. 

Resembling a large iPhone, I briefly wondered about the durability of the audio tour machine for little hands but was assured they are tough. And then dropped mine by accident, putting it to the true test. {It survived.}

But I highly recommend the tour: It can be versioned by Adult or Child depending on the visitor and adds extra details not included on the display boards. 
I should also point out that the IMA has developed two apps to further the experience of the exhibit at home, but didn't have time to check out the one in the main display. So keep your eyes peeled for iPads toward the end of the route and try them out yourself.

In all: The IMA has done a magnificent job of outlining just what makes this a fleet of Dream Cars and why this exhibit makes sense for Indianapolis. Indy may not be THE Motor City, but this exhibit sure exemplifies our city's rich history in, passion with and continued drive for all things automotive AND the arts.

Consider this skeptic silenced. Now get yourself there to see it in person already. 

MORE INFORMATION: The Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas exhibit opens May 3, 2015 at the Indianapolis Museum Of Art {located at 4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis; 317-955-2339} and will run through August 23, 2015. Exhibit admission is included with general admission fees but available by reserving a timed ticket either online or in person. for more details.
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