Hummus: Recipe of the Week


As life gets busy, I start craving something filling, healthy, and easy to make.  In the spirit of cultural discovery, I joined a Lebanese recipe and cooking group to learn more about my boyfriend and kids’ culture.  We made Lebanese bread and needed something to eat with it.  What better than hummus?



1 tsp.  salt

2 T.  extra virgin olive oil (extra to drizzle over before refrigeration)

4 T.  fresh squeezed lemon juice

2 cloves of garlic

3 T.  tahini

1 large can of chickpeas (c.  15.5 oz.)

¼ cup of water

smoked paprika to taste

(I think it would be yummy to add some cream cheese to it!)



Blend all ingredients except for chickpeas.  Then add chickpeas and blend.  Add water to the consistency you like.  Sprinkle smoked paprika on top, parsley for garnish, and add some olives! Enjoy! 


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Cheryl is a food aficionado. Raised by a family of chefs and amazing cooks and bakers, it is no wonder Cheryl has such an appreciation of food. Between family and friends, so many special memories and traditions were made around food. She enjoys learning new flavors and trying new restaurants. Thanks to past strong and specific pregnancy cravings with her last baby, her passion hit a new level. Her favorite thing to do when the kids are asleep, is to look up new restaurants and peruse the menu as well as looking up many new recipes to try (oh that Pinterest and Facebook feed!). Cooking and baking are her meditation and art. She shares her love of food with her kiddos and hopes to create lasting memories and traditions for them.

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