Abundant Holiday Traditions

If the calendar didn’t tip you off, the chilly air, holiday tunes playing in retail stores, and the return of Starbuck’s Peppermint Mocha Latte all confirm: the holiday season is upon us.
For many members of theCityMoms, however, the holidays are more than sugary coffee drinks and endless renditions of Jingle Bells; this is the time of year for special traditions that bring family together and create lasting memories.
There are unique local events that are on the must-do list. CityMom Michelle and her family go to Christmas At The Zoo every year. 

Many tCM members take a carriage ride around downtown to look at the lights, or just drive around neighborhoods to admire decorated homes.

Indy with Kids always has a comprehensive list of the best light displays all over Indy and beyond. Check out the site before heading out on your light display hunt!
Some traditions take place in the comfort of the home. Marcie’s family bakes cookies every holiday season and exchanges ornaments with family.
At Julia’s home, Santa leaves Christmas stockings on the kids’ beds in the middle of the night, and she is planning to “wrap the kids’ bedroom door in red tissue paper so they will get to break out to Christmas morning." 
Food is another central theme for holiday traditions, and isn’t all about the turkey. 
Julia’s husband is of Polish decent, so her mother-in-law always cooks a Polish dinner for Christmas Eve, including pierogi, sauerkraut and smoked pork chops. 
For Christi, “by this time, we are all over the turkey/ham big dinners.”  Instead, they order pizza for Christmas Eve dinner.
For some families, the holiday season is all about giving back and nurturing a generous spirit in their children. Several tCM families plan on volunteering on Christmas Day, in the hopes of giving a better Christmas to others. Sarah says, “This year our kids are old enough to understand about giving back, and we are going [toHunger Inc, a local food pantry,] to help out.”
No matter how you celebrate this season, you are creating treasured memories that make this time of year special for your family. Warm wishes for a happy holiday season!
Christy is a KU grad (“Go Jayhawks!!!”) and a pediatric occupational therapist , but she is currently relishing the full time job of mothering her three girls. She loves being outdoors and jumps at the chance to travel, but is also thrilled to cozy up at home with her husband and girls for some quality family time. In addition to spending time with her sweet family, Christy also loves nights out with fellow mamas, and couldn’t be happier with the amazing connections she has made with others through theCityMoms!

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