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Last month we all went gaga over the Living Social Costco Deal, so it would make sense that THIS month we all need a little help maneuvering the aisles of our favorite new store.
Thanks Go Fit Mom for sharing some of your go-to healthy choices!

The infamous Costco membership - we held off FOREVER on getting one. I’m not sure why, considering we’re a family of five, and the benefits are a no-brainer. For whatever reason though, we waited years to get one. Fast forward to today and I can confidently say we’re Costco junkies, touting the benefits to anyone who’ll listen.

I’m a choosy mom, so if something is going into my kiddos’ mouths, I’m going to scour the label. I’m going to look to see if it’s packed full of chemicals or ingredients I can’t pronounce. I’m going to look at how many grams of sugar it contains. We have high expectations for the food we buy and Costco definitely delivers.

Here are my top 10 Costco finds

{although this list could literally be twenty to thirty products long!}


Organic Coffee
Many never think to buy organic coffee, but it is one of the most highly treated crops of any agricultural commodity. 

Here is a blog post I wrote about coffee and why you should consider buying organic: Organic Coffee Or Not? Does It Really Matter?


Kirkland Organic Peanut Butter 
We used to not buy organic peanut butter because peanuts have a shell. Our rule of thumb when it comes to buying organic is if it has a shell or skin, we buy conventional rather than organic. What I didn’trealize is that not only are peanuts also one of the most highly treated crops, but their shell is very porous, meaning all those pesticides seep through to the actual peanut. 
In our house we consume a ridiculous amount of peanut butter; therefore, we now buy organic. What I love about the Kirkland Organic version is not only is it organic, but has no sugar added! 


Medjool Dates
We’ve tried other dates and trust me; Medjool dates really are the best. This is why they’re known as the “king of dates”! They’re large, sweet and tasty and make the BEST homemade Larabars…which is exactly what we use them for. If you’re going to make your own Larabars, it’s worth the few extra bucks to use Medjool dates. They turn out much better. You can get my homemade Larabar recipe here:  Homemade Lara Bars


Coleman Organic Whole Chicken 
We eat a large amount of chicken in this house. It’s one of the few foods everyone in this house can agree on. 

I love both dark and white meat, so I prefer the whole chicken over chicken breasts. If you are a chicken breast person, you can buy Coleman organic chicken breast for $5.99 per lb. {prices may fluctuate}


Kirkland Organic Ground Beef 
Although we eat a lot of chicken, we eat our share of ground beef too. No antibiotics or hormones. 
You can find my wonderful and nutritious Mexican Salad recipe, which my family eats often: Go Fit Mom's Mexican Salad


Explore Asian Gluten Free Organic Black Bean Spaghetti 
First, let me mention that one box makes an ENORMOUS amount of pasta! You can easily make 4-5 meals with one box. In addition to the yield you get out of just one box, you also get impressive an amount of protein (25g) and fiber (12g) in each serving. 

Do you want to know the notable ingredient list? Organic black beans and water. That’s it! Throw in some pasta sauce and toss with some chicken and veggies, and you have a nutritious dinner your whole family will enjoy. 


Simply Sprouted Way Better, Simply Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips 

This is one of our kiddos favorite snacks. Gluten free, non-GMO and a short, pronounceable ingredient list. Another one of mama’s favorites about this product: 0 grams of sugar. Nada. Nothing!


Skinny Pop Popcorn 

I never hesitate to give our kiddos this popcorn for a snack. Not only does it have zero sugar, it actually has some fiber! Nothing questionable added to this product either. 
It simply contains non-GMO popcorn, sunflower oil and salt. 


Kirkland 100% Whole Grain Bread 
It isn’t always easy to find a true whole grain bread. Often times the label will indicate made with whole grain flour, when in reality it’s made with whole grain flour AND enriched flour. Since this is 100% whole grain, it’s packed with 5 grams of fiber. We typically buy the Kirkland Organic version, but lately the organic has not been available.


Watts Brothers Organic Mixed Veggies

Packed with carrots, peas, beans and corn, these veggies are perfect for a stir fry or mixed with some hummus or salsa! You get a TON of veggies in this bag and they’re the perfect texture.

This is NOT a sponsored post. theCityMoms are not affiliated with Costco and have not been provided any incentive to mention or promote Costco. All opinions and advice in this post are that of the author.

Jennifer Boudreau
Jen is a former personal trainer, fitness manager and group fitness instructor. I am a work-from-home wife and mom with three kids, age four and under. I can relate with many of you who are simply trying to merge a healthy lifestyle with a SUPER busy life. Helping you reach your health and fitness goals is my purpose.
Keep up with Jen on her blog Go Fit Mom and Twitter @gofitmom

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