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Since becoming a mother, I have found it extremely difficult to find time to get out shopping for myself. Not only do I work full time, but I am also responsible for dropping off my son and picking him up every day from daycare. No alone mom time! Although I love my chunk tons, he doesn’t like being ‘contained’ for too long, meaning a long car ride to the mall, then being stuck in a stroller while I browse for clothes is out of the question. Not to mention, trying something on! That would be a fiasco. 
Unless… I want to let him run rampant tearing up a store while I try to squeeze my new mom body into some jeans… which no one wants! 
Does this sound like you? 
If so, please read on. I have some great tips on trying to get your style back if you may have lost it (I did), places that fit new mom bodies (yes please!), are kid friendly (totally important if you are like me and don’t like to be away from your children more than you have to, or can’t afford/find a sitter to go out for yourself), and a convenient, monthly clothing box that comes right to your home that is edited by a stylist with your own personal tastes, sizing, etc. (could that be any more convenient than winning the lottery and being able to afford your own personal shopper?)

I used to color my hair, have a sassy new cut every 6 weeks, tan (when I got smart I started using self-tanner not the tanning bed!), get a new outfit every now and then to go out on the town in, wear high heels constantly, wear jewelry, put on make-up, do my hair every day, and so on. After having Clark, being at home after a c-section with a baby, who sadly had a milk intolerance, reflux, cried all day, and didn’t sleep, or eat well because of all of this… my days and nights were all about him.

I totally lost myself. We unfortunately don’t have family close, and I never wanted to see my friends. I didn’t know how long I would be trying to feed him, or how to get out of the house for a few minutes, let alone take a shower and get presentable for company. Looking back, I would have done some things differently, but that is a post for another day! After a few months of this, I realized I need to get myself back! It’s not selfish, and would make me feel better about me as well. 
This is extremely important moms! Not only for yourself, but for your child and partner too. You need to be happy! 
No, I don’t go all out anymore, but I do make time to get a good haircut, put on some make-up & dress in something that makes me feel awesome. 

Let me share with you my favorite things that have helped me get my 'SELF' back:
BB or CC cream is amazing. You can wear this alone or under make up. It’s quick and easy to apply, evens out your skin tone, can give you a little color, and you can be out the door without looking like a tired mess. For an affordable option I love Loreal’s BB cream. This helps to even out my skin tone and add a little ‘life’ to my face without having to put on a full face of makeup. If I want to go-all-out, I use MAC’s CC cream in adjust. I have an olive skin tone, but yet my face is sensitive and gets red. This helps even out the redness and makes my face look flawless! 
Now that your face is presentable head to the mall… what is a kid friendly store option? My favorite place at the moment is Hot Mama at Keystone Mall. They just opened one in Clay Terrace as well! After my son was born, I still wore maternity pants for quite some time. Not only did real pants hurt a little to button from the c-section, but my body was different and I didn’t feel that confident. I was alone for once one day and strolled into Hot Mama. SO glad I did! I despise trying on clothes, but the women in the story make you feel so good about yourself .I would definitely recommend a trip there to any mom ASAP. Some pieces can be pricey, but they are high quality, and there are more affordable options too. The women who work there really cater to your wants and needs without being pushy. They make you feel so pretty trying things on, and it is also a kid friendly store. They won’t glare at you if you have a child in tow J There are toys for kids to play with too!
4 words = monthly clothing box service! Whoever thought of this idea is a genius! I was a little skeptical trying Stitch Fix when I saw a friend post about it several months ago, but I had a promo code, and thought what the heck! I don’t get to the mall anymore, and need some new clothes. You go online, fill out a form with your sizes, styles you like and dislike, what types of clothing and accessories you prefer, and you can even link your Pinterest account so the stylists can see what types of clothing you have posted to your boards. After you fill out the form, a stylist is assigned to put together a box of clothes and/or jewelry that is shipped to your home for a 20 dollar monthly fee. When you get your box, you are given an itemized paper of the items, prices, and style ideas. You then decide what you do or do not want to keep. The box comes with a prepaid shipping envelope to send back anything you don’t want or don’t like. The 20 dollar monthly fee is put towards anything you want to purchase that month; for example, if you wanted to keep the 60 dollar sweater shipped to you, then you are only charged 40 dollars. Super simple and stress free! I have honestly loved almost everything that has been sent to me, and the sizes are always correct. Each box gets better and better as the Stitch Fix team gets to know your ‘style’, likes and dislikes. You can skip months or add extra boxes. My box usually contains one or two shirts, a sweater/cardigan, a pair of pants, a dress, and one accessory. I have had a hard time not buying the whole box at times, but I AM trying to stay on a budget. Highly suggest this to busy moms!
Thanks for reading and I hope these tips help you get your mom groove back, or keep it up at the very least! 
***All opinions contained in this post are that of the author. theCityMoms have not been compensated, nor do they endorse, the brands mentioned in this post.***

Suzanne Elliott
Hi I’m Suz! 30, Hard working mom to my handsome chunk, social butterfly who is quiet at first, but loves to have fun. Works in the pharmaceutical industry, but dreams of opening my own boutique one day (soon!). 

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