Quick Tips to be Fit (with Baby!)

Kara—CityMom, Author, and Owner of Baby BootCamp—shares with us some quick tips for fitness with your little one.

As mothers we have all learned that we have to become multi-taskers! On a daily basis, we are trying to make meals, do laundry, wash dishes, all while taking care of our little ones! With all of these daily to-do’s added to the already enormous duties of a mom, it can make it impossible to squeeze in a workout for yourself. Here are a few fun exercises that you can do with your little one while also getting some of your tasks done at home!

WALKING LUNGES with your baby are a great way to work out your legs and glutes. If you need to go from your family room to your kitchen, pick up your little one and do lunges to the next room. You will not only make your little one giggle, but you’ll also be making yourself stronger!

 If your little one is fussy and likes to move around, try doing SQUATS while holding your baby. As an added bonus, they will love the up & down motion.  When you are doing dishes or brushing your teeth, add in some CALF RAISES.


And my favorite exercise to do with my little guy is called “Kiss the Baby” AB CRUNCHES.  Have your little one sit on your stomach and crunch up for a kiss.  You can add in peek-a-boo for a few extra giggles.


All of these are great ways to stay active at home during these cold winter months when it seems impossible to bundle everyone up to get to the gym.  And you might even have fun while you are doing it!

Get fit with your baby


Meet The Author

Contributing Writer

Back in Indiana after a 13 year adventure in Chicago and New York, Kara swore she would always be a city girl, but when she decided to start a family, she chose to move to Carmel for her husband's job and to be closer to family. Always passionate about about fitness and children, Kara decided to combine her two loves and start a Baby Boot Camp franchise in Hamilton County. In her very limited freetime, she loves to travel, drink coffee and wine (when not pregnant...oh how I miss thee!), try new restaurants, read, and watch everyone's favorite guilty pleasures--The Bachelor and Scandal!

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