Finding My Happy...xoxo Abby

Ok Ladies,  I don't know about you, but the new year can always be a bit overwhelming... 
That feeling that you need to clear out clutter after you just brought in (most likely) two car loads of toys and gifts in the week before... 
That feeling that you need (or want) to lose 10-15 lbs after you just ate 15 lbs of "stuff" on Christmas... Yes, that's true, I read it somewhere-probably on the internet-which means it's got to be true. 
That feeling that you need to get organized when the year has just started, and if you are like me have just gotten your new weekly planner for Christmas.
That feeling that you need to do better this year, but you aren't sure where to start because you are always trying to do better...
That feeling that you need to read more this year, but you aren't sure if you should follow through with this or sleep instead... 

Oh gosh I'm always so tired... you?  
Maybe it's because I stayed up to watch the ball drop for the first time in like 4 years!  

I feel like my New Year's resolutions are always about the same things: lose weight, read more, get organized, plan better, and spend more quality time with family.This year I think I'm going to try some new things. The resolutions will change a bit, and I'm sure throughout the year I will forget about one or another of these, or I will fall behind on my reading, but I feel like these are pretty simplistic and open ended.  I don't really think you can do any of these things wrong.   I think in the past I've set goals for myself which were really setting myself up for failure only because they weren't realistic for me and my lifestyle.  So this year I'm sticking to these resolutions, and P.S. I promise future blog posts will be about things I love like DIY, Decor, & Lifestyle... But had to get this out of the way!  
1.  Get Organized -- I feel like if I get better organized I might have more time -- more time to hang with my little one, my husband, my computer (for blogging), my bed (for sleeping, maybe husband if he hasn't annoyed me all day), more books... You get the idea.  I'm hoping that blocking out time and sticking with it will make my life WAY more bearable for everyone involved.
2.  Read More -- So dumb me printed out a 27 books every woman should read -- Well that's not true.  I found a list of like 100 and wrote them all out with the intention of posting it somewhere in my house and crossing them off as I read them... But this list of 27 seems so much more manageable so I'm going to try to tackle 12 this year -- one each month on average.  We shall see how this goes...
3.  Love More -- I find myself feeling overcome by stress and such.... Life getting the best of me.  I hope to spread more love, kindness, affection, and all other words that go along with love this year!  
4.  Have a Baby -- Or get pregnant. I realize this one is out of my control, but let's just hope for the best, because my little one just keeps asking and asking... 
5.  Pray More -- I'm not a hugely religious person.  I usually have doubt, but I always pray when I see a car accident, I always talk to God when I am alone, and I tend to find comfort in knowing someone (whoever it is) is looking out for us or has a plan for us.  So this year, I will pray more. 
6.  Find My Happy -- If that means one weekend I go to a creative conference, one weeknight I go out with my fellow city moms, or even something as small as a clean house (which actually isn't that small of a thing b/c I swear it's impossible) or having fresh flowers in my house... These are things that I love and make me happy, and when I'm happy, I'm sane.  Don't you feel this way?

Along with all these things I do hope to be a more consistent blogger -- I blog for The City Moms, Little Miss Martha (my personal blog), and Maeve Vintage (my business blog), ask for help when needed, and finish my house projects which you will all get to be a part of if you hang out with us on the TCM blog this year!  
Here's to a great 2016 for all of us!  

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Abby is an ex-professional figure skater who works full time as a Program Specialist for Customs Border Protection. In her spare time you can find her seeking out vintage finds for Maeve Vintage; a business she runs with her mom and sister {OR} blogging about her most recently attended CityMoms event on her own blog, Little Miss Martha. She lives in Noblesville, IN with her hockey guru husband Mike and their little spitfire of a daughter, Ella. Spitfire #2 due in late 2016!!!

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