Fall Into Fitness


The temperatures are cooling, kids are back to school, football has started, the sun is setting earlier...fall is fast approaching! With the start of fall comes hectic & busy schedules between dropping kids off at school, activities, work, appointments, cooking, cleaning and all the other fun daily tasks. These normal daily activities make it sometimes impossible to take time for yourself and fit in a workout. Baby Boot Camp would like to tell you 10 ways to successfully turn your workout into a habit this fall!  These are 10 simple little things you can change or do in your daily routine, which will help getting that workout in a little easier.



1)      Wear workout clothes all day so that you have no excuse to not go to class/the gym.

2)      Find a friend or your “tribe” who you can make your accountability partner, so on those days you don’t feel like working out, they can help encourage you to get to your fitness class or gym.

3)      Schedule exercise on your calendar or put it in your phone as a reminder.

4)      Don't go home after morning school drop off; instead find a class that is directly afterwards.

5)      Find a class that allows you to bring your little ones so that you do not have to worry about childcare.

6)      Find workout clothes that you love and fit well so that you are comfortable and feel good about yourself for your workout.

7)      Lay out your clothes the night before so that you see them as soon as you wake up, and it gives you one less excuse to skip that workout.

8)      Plan a coffee date or something fun with friends for after your workout so that you have something to look forward to and can reward yourself.

9)      Find a workout or class that has variety and makes exercise fun whether that be a boot camp, dance class, or yoga…the more variety the more you will look forward to the workout.

10)  Remember that any workout is better than no workout and to be kind to yourself… so even if all you can do is a 10-minute walk…that’s great!


We hope that these tips help out a little and help you to “fall into your fitness routine”!


Baby Boot Camp-Carmel, Noblesville & Fishers has classes at St. Vincent Fishers Hospital and The Fashion Mall. Your first class is always free, register at www.babybootcamp.com or contact kara.babcock@babybootcamp.com


Kara Babcock

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor



Meet The Author

Contributing Writer

Back in Indiana after a 13 year adventure in Chicago and New York, Kara swore she would always be a city girl, but when she decided to start a family, she chose to move to Carmel for her husband's job and to be closer to family. Always passionate about about fitness and children, Kara decided to combine her two loves and start a Baby Boot Camp franchise in Hamilton County. In her very limited freetime, she loves to travel, drink coffee and wine (when not pregnant...oh how I miss thee!), try new restaurants, read, and watch everyone's favorite guilty pleasures--The Bachelor and Scandal!

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