DIY Wood Bead Garland


I’m feeling nested lately.  

I am due with The Other Girl in about 30 days… and scared shitless of course!  Even though it’s baby #2, the fears do not go away. And neither does the feeling of needing to get the house in order!  I really mean my house is never in order, so this a great excuse to get the hubby on board with cleaning and ridding and finishing up projects!  

Fortunately for him, the nursery is a project all my own.  I don’t know if people just “reuse” the items they’ve had in their previous nurseries or if they start from scratch on all of them.  It’s only my 2nd… not sure… But I do love designing things and rearranging so I’m starting over on the other girl's room.  And I’m not one to buy a set so usually my pieces come from everywhere.

Going for a boho chic nursery look this time around, and I’m trying to keep it very neutral and natural.  We’ve got a crib to work with, but all other furniture we used in Ella’s nursery has gone to her big girl room with her or found new homes.  So… the search began for a new dresser and accents.

Accents including these gorgeous wooden beads.  I’ve seen them everywhere and wanted them forever, but didn’t have the “right” place for them… and then it hit me!  Nursery!  Of course!   But if you know me by now, I searched and searched, and then told myself “I’m sure I can make them…”



So… here’s how that went…


What you’ll need:  

Wooden Beads -- You can pick the assortment you prefer, but I went with 1 bag of 2 inch beads, 2 bags of 1.5 in beads, and 2 bags of 1 in beads.

(you can purchase pre-drilled beads if you prefer)




Piece of wood to “over” drill into

Leather cording or Twine


*I would use smaller if I did it again and I’m not going to lie I have NO IDEA what size it was


You will want to start with drilling.  It’s not fun.  Seriously.  Could rival putting together IKEA furniture while getting started… Yes, that is if your husband tries to be involved. Once we got going it wasn’t too bad.  


First, you’ll put the ball in the vice, and drill through it with good hand holding drill and other hand holding vice to keep from moving all over.  You’ll do this over and over and over again… and by the end you’ll be glad you are done.

Now, if you’d like to, and this is completely optional and I choose NOT to do it, you can wax the beads to update the look of them. The options for this would be Minwax finishing wax or Feed-N=Wax which can both be found at your local Lowe's or Home Depot. You can just apply with a soft cloth to give your beads a more finished vs raw look.



Then you’ll string the wood beads on your twine or leather.  I chose twine because it was cheaper, and this momma’s on a budget (always).  You can prep by setting up a preferred pattern/order or you can just wing it!  That’s up to you… Mine ended up having a pattern.  

When you are finished stringing, I knotted on the same knot like 15 times to make sure the beads couldn’t go over it.  Then I made a loop on each end for hanging purposes.


 All in all a pretty easy project… although I did work on it a couple days over the weekend because my hand started cramping from using the drill.  



In the end, I’m happy with my garland.  I’m happy with the choice not to wax the beads, and I’m happy with the length and versatility of the beads.  I can use them anywhere.  Hang them or lay them.  If they get to be a nuisance in the baby’s room at some point, they can easily work in my living room which is why they were the perfect project for me.

If you decide to make your own, I’d love to see!  Post to The City Moms page on Facebook or my Little Miss Martha Facebook page! Use hashtag #diywoodbeadgarland and #citymomsdiy

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!  


Note:  I did mention using a smaller drill bit.  This is because the drill bit came out a bit splintered on a lot of the beads.  It doesn’t really matter on most because they butt up against each other obviously but some you can see the imperfections.  Also make sure it’s the right size for your string.  Mine was pretty thin so it would work with smaller, but some of the leather cording can be pretty thick.  I’m good with it as I am just going to for perfectly imperfect these days.  


Abby is an ex-professional figure skater who works full time as a Program Specialist for Customs Border Protection. In her spare time you can find her seeking out vintage finds for Maeve Vintage; a business she runs with her mom and sister. {OR} blogging about her most recently attended CityMoms event at her own blog, Little Miss Martha. She lives in Noblesville, IN with her hockey guru husband Mike and their little spitfire of a daughter, Ella.


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