DIY Halloween


Halloween is a big deal at our house.  Usually we have a pretty good display, not to toot our own horns.  We scare adults and children both.  Sometimes kids won’t come to the door because we have too much scary going on.  Here’s part of our display from past years:



This year we decided to change it up a bit.  The monster box from previous years was just taking up too much space in the garage. So we went with a Hocus Pocus theme…

We don’t have much storage in our house and having just had our 2nd daughter, the saved clothes take precedence when it comes to space in the garage, so my husband decided to make some items this year that took up a little less space.  Prop Master Mike created the graves from plywood which are much flatter than those Styrofoam ones.  He built the cauldron and sign too.  And while we might do a different theme next year, we weren’t out a bunch of money because of all our DIYs.

And because you know I love a good DIY tutorial, here’s a DIY on how to make a Spooky Snake Wreath on the cheap!  Its one i made a couple years back, but you only need 4 things to create it!  See all the details on how to make yours own here!!!


Does anyone else get into Halloween like we do?!?  Share your displays on the City Moms Facebook page and use #ourCityMomHalloween so we can find them all!!!  

Happy Halloween!



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