DIY Tutorial: Kiddo Dress-Up Rack

We proudly feature a monthly column with CityMom Abby, who is also the voice behind the blog Little Miss Martha

I've always LOVED the look of clothes racks on major blogs.  They always look so artsy and so organized.  I had to have one.  But they can be pricey.  And also generic.  I am a huge fan of a little blog by Jenny Komenda - Little Green Notebook.  She's genius.  She's literally a genius.  I swear.  

So when she posted pictures of the playroom in her latest home, I immediately noticed the little rack she had her little girls dress up dresses on.  It was adorable!  And different.  
Image from Little Green Notebook
Dreamy, right?!
Image from Little Green Notebook
I was sure I could make it especially since she then posted a very short tutorial!  
Here's what you'll need:

*4 foot pine board
*2 floor flanges 
*2 copper elbow connectors
*4 copper threaded adapter fittings (2 male, 2 female)
*copper piping - sizes dependent on your local stores, but I used 4-2ft pipes, 1-5ft pipe (cut down to 4ft)
*Rustoleum hammered copper spray paint
First we decided to paint the wood board because my Ells could help with that.  I'm always up for a project that my little one can be involved with!  It's so much more fun doing it together!  Especially since it was for her!  She helped mostly with the painting and twisting of the copper rods.  
I 'm always up for a project my little one can be involved with! 
Next up we attached the adapters to the ends of the 2ft rods.  A male and a female to each end and twist to stay in place.   This is a step you could skip if you can find rods your preferred length.  I could not initially.  

Once you've got your rods together, it's time to attach the flanges.  If you can find copper ones, great!  I couldn't at Lowe's or Home Depot so I grabbed some of the Rustoleum hammered copper spray and gave them a quick coat.  It matches pretty closely and you can't even tell when it's all together.  
After you've got your flanges attached, you are almost done!  The last thing you need ot add in is the top cross bar.  I {again} was unable to find the size I needed and while the tutorial from Little Green Notebook said the guys at Home Depot said they don't do that.  I guess I didn't smile or wink well enough... So we had to cut it on our own at home. 

And you 
are done!  
How easy 
was that?!

This project took about an hour and had an approximate cost of $55.  You can add castors to the bottom which adds about $15.  I have some, but haven't added them yet because it's a good height for my daughter to be able to hang up her dresses up herself. But overall, a great price for such a unique piece! 
So if you are looking for a really cute little way to hang up your little one's dress up clothes, here's an easy way to do it and add a little color to your playroom!  I hope you find making this as easy as I did!!!
Abby is an ex-professional figure skater who works full time as a Program Specialist for Customs Border Protection. In her spare time you can find her seeking out vintage finds for Maeve Vintage; a business she runs with her mom and sister. {OR} blogging about her most recently attended CityMoms event at her own blog, Little Miss Martha. She lives in Noblesville, IN with her hockey guru husband Mike and their little spitfire of a daughter, Ella.

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