D.I.Y. Closet Organizer

I vowed this year I was really going to get organized.  You can see my goals for 15 in Fifteen , but basically everything will have its place.  Oh yes, it will! 

So… what do you do when your husband is out of town for a hockey weekend for the 5th weekend in a row?!  You find some way to keep your sanity while being stuck inside with an almost three year old {going on 16} thanks to an impending ice storm! 

While cleaning up my house (which is almost completely done and I’m sure just in time to be wrecked by almost three going on 16 year old ) I came across little things here and there.  Little things that I typically use to hang pictures – nails, hooks, wire, tacks.  You name it I found it.  But I had been contemplating using these white hooks to organize my jewelry!  I thought I was going to have to buy some, so when I found them cleaning a bedroom the organization plan for jewelry was on!  Naptime was go time!
If you have an empty useless wall in your closet like me…And aren’t afraid of putting holes in your wall like me… And aren’t afraid to freehand small things like me…Then you can do this too! 
I started out with just these little hooks and my blank wall.  In the words of Rachael Ray, I just “eyeballed it” fearing as soon as I started a measuring process naptime would abruptly end.  I did one row of hooks, hung my longest necklaces and then decided where my next row would go.  I had collected a few shelves along the way, some cool hangers, and tie racks to use for this project, but in the end decided to only use one small shelf. 

I liked it.  It was perfect for my little stash of jewels.  And the best use of that unused space for now! 
But I was bored with it… 

So I remembered these sheets I have seen at target that I’ve been wanting…They are a steal and adorable too!  The crosses were just what I needed and totally something I could do with some craft paint and a paint brush.  

I wasn’t hoping for perfect, I was hoping for the opposite – for it to look perfectly imperfect! 

And I am in love with the result!  So think… do your jewels look like this?! 
If so, you can do this in about 30 min with some small cup hooks, small shelf, black craft paint (or color of choice), & small paintbrush!  It’s that easy!  
If you feel inspired to try, we’d love to see!! 

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Abby is an ex-professional figure skater who works full time as a Program Specialist for Customs Border Protection. In her spare time you can find her seeking out vintage finds for Maeve Vintage; a business she runs with her mom and sister. {OR} blogging about her most recently attended CityMoms event at her own blog, Little Miss Martha. She lives in Noblesville, IN with her hockey guru husband Mike and their little spitfire of a daughter, Ella.

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