It's Time To Make A {Diaper} Change

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My 19 month old daughter and I walked into a family friendly restaurant recently to enjoy a mommy-daughter lunch.  I had forgotten her “bag of goodies” to keep her occupied but knew she would be fine because each table included a paper table cloth with crayons. It screamed kid-friendly!  I ordered our food and then proceeded to color as we settled in for a lovely lunch. 

A few minutes into color-fest, my daughter stopped what she was doing and got the contemplative look on her face that can only mean one thing.  This was not a cause for concern because we were prepared!
 I had the diaper bag with all the necessary supplies AND we were in a family friendly restaurant.
So, off to the women’s bathroom we went.  To my surprise, there was no changing table.  How could this be?  This was an establishment that has plenty of high chairs, crayons at each table and a fabulous kid’s menu. 
I decided we had a few options:
  1. Change the poopy diaper at our seat while offending the other patrons but also making a point to the restaurant.
  2. Change the diaper in the car and then return to finish lunch, knowing I would be upset the rest of the time.
  3. Get our food to go, politely remind the restaurant of their need for a changing table and then make the drive home to change the diaper and eat.
As fired up as I felt about the situation, I went with option three hoping it would still make my point – we were leaving BECAUSE they did not have a sanitary, convenient option to change my child’s diaper. 
As it turns out, when I polled my mom friends (thank you theCityMoms!), this situation is quite common and it does not stop there!  
There are many places that do have changing tables in the WOMEN’S bathroom but not in the MEN'S room. 
 I guess that means there is the assumption that dads don’t take out their diaper aged children without mom?  I think that could be a whole new blog post! 
How would you have handled the situation?  

How can we {as in all caregivers} persuade so-called family friendly restraunts to install changing tables in their bathrooms? 
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Kristi Shea
Mom to one and one on the way. Kristi is a native Hoosier via Evansville who has called Indy home since '99. When she is not chasing her sweet toddler around she loves studying Spanish and planning her family's next road trip. Follow Kristi on Pinterest!

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