Deconstructing Your Denim...not your pocketbook

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Recently CAbi did a deconstructed casual LIGHT denim wash boyfriend jean.  I really wanted a DARK wash, so I pulled out the Blue Moon Indie from Fall '13 and decided to do this on my own. I wanted a classy style.Unlike the massive holes I found all over Pinterest that show a LOT of skin. 
 I took some ideas from my engineering hubby on how to do this.
Gather Your Supplies:
  • Jeans that you never wear or a pair that you are OK throwing away 
  • 6 inch metal Sawzall Blade 
  • Sandpaper 
  • Pair of Small Scissors 
  • Pair of Large Scissors
A lower rise hip hugger with straight legs keeps it "in style"
Sawzall | Scissors | Sandpaper

Get To Work!
  • For knee holes, put your jeans on and sit down.  
  • Mark the spot for a small hole with an ink pen.
  • While wearing use the sandpaper to "rough" up the knee area 
  • Take the pants off
  • Use pin mark and sandpapered knees as a starting point to begin the "hole" process.
Sanded Knees

Uncut White Threads Peeking Through
  • Gently pull the Sawzall Blade, teeth down, across the middle of the sanded knee area.
  • The denim will "ball up" and you'll find there is a lot more of it than you might expect. 
  • Saw ALL the way to the white strands. 
  • STOP so that you do not cut the white threads
  • There is no "perfect" look- make it as big or small as you want, in any shape, whether it's LONG and horizontal or WIDE across the knee.
The important part of using the sawzall blade is to guide it across the jeans until you reach the WHITE thread and NOT go any further to avoid a HUGE hole.

  • DO NOT use SCISSORS to cut a hole before sawing.  You will not get the "worn in" look and risk ending up with a massive hole.
  • Use the SMALL SCISSORS to "clean up" any long threads around the edges. (like trimming a beard)

  • Choose a spot just under the pocket area to create a hole or rough sanded patch.  
  • The sand paper beats up the jean and you can do this in multiple areas including the back pocket to get that roughed up look in several areas on the jeans.
  • Repeat this process in any area of the jean that you want a hole.  I recommend just a few spots - knee, under the pocket on the same leg, a medium hole on the thigh, a rough little spot on the opposite thigh and just below the knee for a classy deconstructed look.

  • Cut the bottoms off the jeans so they are easier to roll.  Use the larger scissors for this. I cut about two inches off my jeans.
Roll Up and Cut
Cut off hem for easy rolling
Look for Areas to distress under the pockets
Under The Pocket

  • Wash & Dry your jeans to "clean up" the holes and continue to wear them out. 
  • Use the small scissors to cut long frays off as needed after each wash.
  • Over time they will fray less and less.

  • Put them on, roll the bottom part of the jean up to just above the ankle. 
  • Pair them back to a cute pair of heels, flats or an easy tank for a casual classy deconstructed boyfriend look!
Marcie is a hard-working mom of two who believes that all mothers can feel great & look great while doing-it-all. She is a stylist for Los Angeles based fashion house CAbi and is the owner of Easy Breezy Fashionista. Marcie has moved far away to Tampa, Florida; now you can find her blogging at Tampa Bay Moms Blog
Follow Marcie on Twitter and Instagram at @ebfashionista.

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