Dare you Brave The Cursed Castle?


Oh fearless families… do you have what it takes to conquer the curse of the Castle at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis' (@TCMIndy) Haunted House? Proceed with caution, for Burnadette the Dragon guards her lair fiercely!

The Cursed Castle Haunted House is a fa”boo”lous activity for the whole family: there’s sufficient ‘scare’ for the thrill seekers among us, but it’s not going to leave your kiddos too scared to go to bed at night! 



For those of you that are unsure as to how you little ones will react, you can always choose to stick to "lights on" hours, where the witches are friendly, no one jumps out at you, and there are goodies on offer as you pass through the Castle. You can further distract them from anything you feel may be too creepy with a game of "spot the dragon’s tail" (there are tails hidden throughout the house).  


When it’s time for "lights off", we challenge all of you who dare to be scared to invade the castle and come face to fire-breathing face with Burnadette and whatever else is lurking in the spooky darkness! 


Perhaps you’ll choose to dine with all the doomed dukes and duchesses, battle the grisly grubs that scurry around the scullery, confront the ghouls lurking in the ghostly grounds, or pose alongside a portrait for a picture, but watch out, for not all is as it seems with the old family photos!

Now in its 53rd year, The Children’s Museum’s Haunted House is the largest non-sporting event in the entire State: last year, around 66,000 brave souls passed through the house during the two weeks it was open! 


And it’s easy to see why; the thought and planning that The Children’s Museum Guild puts into their annual fundraiser - with work starting in August - is astounding. Everywhere you turn there is something else to look at – or run screaming from! 
For this year, each room in the Haunted House contains a plaque which tells the story behind Burnadette and the curse she placed on the Castle. There are also fun question and answer facts relating to the castle and its medieval theme, so you can learn something as well as enjoy some ‘spooktacular’ fun!


The Cursed Castle Haunted House runs at The Children’s Museum from October 8-30. For more info on opening hours, including the "lights on" and "light’s off" schedule, visit the website http://www.childrensmuseum.org/exhibits/haunted-house. You can also find out more about a host of other hair-raising Halloween activities on offer.



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